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Be a Teacher and a Student at the same time!

TeachTouch TeachTouch TeachTouch TeachTouch TeachTouch TeachTouch TeachTouch TeachTouch

• WHITEBOARD - A collaborative online Whiteboard for remote collaborative work. Share your ideas drawings and concepts in real time !

• COLLABORATIVE WORK - Work with your team on TeachTouch groups where everyone can offer their vision and tips for Collective Problem Solving.

* REAL-TIME SYNCHRONIZATION - All your ideas all your drawings all your concepts on any device anytime anywhere !

• LIVE VIDEO STREAMING - Live Group Call Video Conferencing Virtual Classrooom TeamWork with High Quality Streaming !
Use the Whiteboard during streams to share your ideas !

• SCREEN SHARING - Share your Screen with all the Group members in real time !

• VIRTUAL CLASSROOM - Free Virtual Classrooms with Live Video Streaming Chat Forum File Storage and Sharing.
Create your Virtual Classrooms for Distance Learning and mutual Help.
Stream for Live Group Call Collaborate with the Whiteboard Share your exercises and ask your Questions on the Forum communicate on the Chat and share your Documents and Files on the TeachTouch Virtual Classroom !

• FREE VIDEO CALLS TO STAY CONNECTED - Keep your friends and family close with unlimited live video chatting.

• CREATE YOUR GROUPS - TeachTouch Groups enable you to create your Virtual Classrooms
- You can create a Public Classroom to meet around a common Passion !
Share your Knowledge Exchange your Opinions and make new Friends
- You can create a Private Classroom to share Ideas and Informations with your Friends your Classmates your Team and much more !

• ASK FOR HELP - Getting Help has never been as fast and easy !
Take a picture of your Exercise or Problem ask your Question and post it to TeachTouch

• JOIN THE GROUPS - Are you looking for a Classroom to learn new Skills ?
With the TeachTouch search engine you'll find a Classrooom that matches your Goals and where you'll find Enthusiasts who share their Knowledge and Skills !

• SHARE YOUR EXERCISES - You don't need to write anything.
Just take a Picture of your Exercise and post it to the TeachTouch Forums and Classrooms !

Need homework help? Post homework questions on TeachTouch and receive help from other Students Teachers and Enthusiats !

• Live Group Call Video Conferencing Virtual Classrooom TeamWork with High Quality Streaming !
• Free Virtual Classrooms with Live Video Streaming Chat Forum File Storage and Sharing !
• Free Homework Help - TeachTouch is 100% free of charge !
• 24/7 Homework App - Unlimited access anywhere anytime
• Free online education
• Homework Answers and Explanations
• Share Your Knowledge - Earn points and improve your knowledge by helping other students

Our slogan
Be a teacher and a student at the same time !

Education Learning Virtual Classrooms international forums distance Learning intellectual games scientific competitions all around the world on TeachTouch
All this with a simple Touch on your smartphone!

For all levels in any domain in any language!

Each TeachTouch category has an online ranking system with all subjects and levels

Help solve others' problems exercises and homework who are less experienced than you and at the same time ask questions and problems to those more experienced than you to learn and progress together around the world on TeachTouch !

You can ask for homework help or answer all this with Picture Photo Snapshot !

• Create a Virtual Classroom with your classmates
• Post exercices to train people for Exams Olympiads...
• Ask help for your homeworks
• Have fun by posting or solving Riddles and Logic problems

Get likes and gather points to increase your experience to reach the top of the TeachTouch global rankings !

So let's go! - En Avant! - Avanti! - Bперед! - Vorwärts! - 前 進 !


About this version (4.3)

- Cloud Meetings - Real-Time Whiteboard for TeamWork - Live Video Calls in TeachTouch Groups for Virtual Classrooms and TeamWork - Screen sharing now available for your Streams - Live Chat during Video Streaming - New fast and powerful Search Engine - Payments between users - Video sharing in groups - New design and logo

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