TCG Rulette

TCG Rulette

Add random rules to your trading card game matches with custom lists and timers!

TCG Rulette
TCG Rulette TCG Rulette TCG Rulette TCG Rulette

Add chaos to your trading card games by surprising all players with a new rule! TCG Rulette adds a new rules to the game at randomized intervals. For example:
- "All players may draw 2 cards"
- "Turn player must flip their deck upside-down"
- "The current turn ends"

Design your own custom set of rules, then simply press 'Play Game' and TCG Rulette handles the rest. Every few minutes you'll be presented with a random rule, but you won't know exactly when--even the timer is randomized!

- Supports four custom rule lists with up to twenty rules each
- Timer Mode: set an upper and lower limit for the maximum and minimum amount of time between rules
- Manual Mode: new rules are presented immediately. Useful if you want a rule to come up at a specific moment in the game
- Includes notifications and text alerts

About this version (1.05_15)

New Version 1.05 Update Notes: - Added button to stop randomizer - Added save functionality to back button in edit list menu

Other versions

1.04_13 released on 31 May 2021 (735 days ago)
1.02 released on 07 September 2020 (1001 days ago)

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TCG Rulette
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