Tattoodo - Tattoo Design

Tattoodo - Tattoo Design

Discover tattoos & book a tattoo artist for your next ink with the #1 tattoo app

Tattoodo - Tattoo Design
Tattoodo - Tattoo Design Tattoodo - Tattoo Design Tattoodo - Tattoo Design Tattoodo - Tattoo Design Tattoodo - Tattoo Design Tattoodo - Tattoo Design Tattoodo - Tattoo Design

Tattoodo is making the tattoo booking experience easier!

Get inspired and connect with the right artist or studio all in the same place. Tattoodo is looking to guide you through your tattoo journey, whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned tattoo veteran coming back for more.

We’ve grown the largest dedicated tattoo community yet, full of high quality curated tattoo content; designed to help you to bring your tattoo ideas to life.

Tattoo Clients & Collectors
• Explore the platform for tattoo inspiration from styles, motifs and tattoo designs.
• Learn more about the tattooing world with our guides and articles.
• Find and consult with an artist and book your next tattoo appointment.
• Submit your tattoo ideas to get contacted by artists in your area

Tattoo Artists
• Get your artist profile listed on Tattoodo and reach new clients.
• Take bookings, receive payments and send calendar invites.
• Integrate Instagram and Google My Business.

Pro Membership Features
• Take advantage of our walk-in concept, you can find and talk with clients who are ready for their next tattoo.
• Art classes with some of the top tattooists in the industry.
• Discounts on premium tattoo supply companies, including ink, needles and merch.

Studio Pro
• Manage your tattoo studio & artists with access to all features.
• Artist Pro package for all artists.
• Premium exposure.

Ambassadors of Tattoodo include: Ami James / Miami Ink, Chris Garver / Five Points Tattoo, Jondix / Seven Doors, Megan Massacre / Grit & Glory, Henning Jorgensen / Royal Tattoo,

Home to some of the most world renowned tattoo artists, Tattoodo is the go-to tattoo app. We are looking to make the tattoo industry and those working in it, more accessible to people across the globe.

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4.9.6-r408 released on 02 November 2020 (275 days ago)
4.9.4-r406 released on 27 October 2020 (281 days ago)
4.8.3-r397 released on 30 September 2020 (308 days ago)
4.7.0-r392 released on 04 September 2020 (334 days ago)
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