Tasks Reminder

Tasks Reminder

simple and intelligent tasks and appointments reminder.

Tasks Reminder
Tasks Reminder Tasks Reminder Tasks Reminder Tasks Reminder Tasks Reminder Tasks Reminder Tasks Reminder Tasks Reminder

My Reminder is the best solution for forgetfulness
Feel Relaxed. It will remind you everything!!

My Reminder will helps you to remind - Daily Todo Tasks, Meetings, Homework , Appointments, Birth days , Shopping , Occasions , and more ..
It will help you organize your tasks.
It will help you to wake up.

My Reminder has following key features

- Simple and quick to set reminders.

- Customize your reminder with repeat options every day , week days ,
Monthly, Yearly ...

- Can set Reminding time before event time to remind your early.

- Listing Reminders in categories (default, work , Tv show ,Personal ,Shopping
,homework , Occasion ... ETC).
- can Manage and add new categories
- every category has its properties (name , color, icon , ....and more)

- Listing Tasks (Today, Tomorrow, Date range,by category ... ETC).

- Multi reminder configurations at app level and task level (Notification , alarm ,
Notification before alarm )

- Customize ringtones for (app , category , reminder).

- Backup and Restore app data for reinstalling app or move it to another device

- Can control alarm volume for reminders.

- Share your tasks and reminders with your friends - family member.

- A lot of options in the interface settings.

- Stay tuned for more features in next versions.

We will be happy to receive your comments and suggestions on e-mail or the comments


****** Thanks :) *******

About this version (2.6.4)

- Bugs fixed. - The performance is improved.

Other versions

2.6.4 released on 12 December 2020 (279 days ago)

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Updated: 12 December 2020 (279 days ago)
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Tasks Reminder
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