Tarot Time

Tarot Time

★★ Welcome to Tarot Time. ★★

Tarot Time
Tarot Time Tarot Time Tarot Time Tarot Time Tarot Time Tarot Time

In Tarot Time, 22 tarot cards answer your question.
'Tarot Time' tarot cards tell the story of challenging one's fate and courageously advancing.

Sometimes they are in trouble, sometimes in adversity, and sometimes in danger, but they meet choices that trust them, the courage to deal with their fears, the unexpected help of their neighbors, and eventually create the world they want.

Fate can change as much as it pleases, not as it is determined.

What will happen to me today?
What choice should I make from now on?

Now, open up Tarot Time and solve your questions.

★★ Simple and clear, find out today's good fortune. ★★

Would you like your advice on problems and conflicts?
Through the cards of the past, present and future, tell you your love, health, wealth and future, and your wealth of study and achievement.

It's also good to see tarot just for curiosity, curiosity and fun!
But the card you choose only answers your question.

Think about the Tarot you want to know and pick a card.
You might get a little unexpected hint.


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