Tammy Novel-Start Passion in Our Female Stories

Tammy Novel-Start Passion in Our Female Stories

Read to meet all your girlish fantasies. Selected female library only for you.

Tammy Novel-Start Passion in Our Female Stories
Tammy Novel-Start Passion in Our Female Stories Tammy Novel-Start Passion in Our Female Stories Tammy Novel-Start Passion in Our Female Stories Tammy Novel-Start Passion in Our Female Stories Tammy Novel-Start Passion in Our Female Stories

TammyNovel has selected many of the hottest addictive captivating serialized webnovels for female readers. We are providing daily releases with quality translations by strictly screened translators. Join our female readers community and enjoy the daily-updated chapters to meet all your girlish fantasies. Download it and you can start passion in female stories.

●Every ebook is carefully selected
-Don’t let poorly written or translated ebooks waste your passion. Carefully selected from 30000 Chinese female novels every story we offer is great in its own way either exhilarating to make your day fluffy to melt your heart or connotative to provide you some food for thought. Here on TammyNovel you have the chance to experience a myriad of fascinating worlds and romance that you don’t usually see in daily life.

●Ebook library providing many Genres
-Tammy Novel is an ebook library providing female original stories of all genres. If you are an ebook reader who are addicted to romance novels BL novels modern books fantasy books light novels young adult literature love stories and even scary&thriller fictions you must start your passion in this webnovel app immediately and you’ll love these addictive fictions. Tammy Novel provides novels with all types of male leads to meet your passion and tastes be it the doting president the Domineering CEO or the Tsundere type. And the female leads are cute and loveable too. Some rises to the pinnacle by her talents in either cooking or cultivation some strives to slay her enemies after rebirth and some just wants a peaceful life. If she happens to be the stupid kind don’t worry my dear readers she’ll find some senses back if you give her the chance.

●Excellent translation quality

-We have a strict translator review process to ensure the quality of translation. Through translation proofreading and editing we strive to provide the best reading experience and translation possible without losing any details of the raw and will not waste a trace of the authors’ painstaking efforts.

●Read books anytime anywhere

-Tammy Novel provides offline reading so that you can read your favorite novels anytime and anywhere. Poor connection is no longer a limit. The excellent user experience will make you love the offline books as much as online webnovel.

●Daily updates

-Over 300 translators update daily. And we’re working to increase the number of great translators to provide more frequent releases to meet your reading needs.

●Excellent user experience

-The TammyNovel APP is specially designed for female readers in every way. You'll find reading here a pleasure and an unrivaled experience. Download it and you will find how much we love readers and feel our passion.

●Active community

-We want to build an active community of females that can hold millions of people. Here you can discuss writings with the writers and translators read their new writings and you can also try to write your own romance books with many great fantasies. You can have a lot of titles in the community like romance reader short book writers webnovel writers webnovel readers and so on. We want to fulfill all your dreams here. Download and join our female readers community now.

Start reading in this story app and you will find an increasing number of must-read stories and ebooks. You will discover influential stories with unexpected plots and twists and turns that will get you hooked. Download it and start passion in our female stories.

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Tammy Novel-Start Passion in Our Female Stories
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