Tama Planets

Tama Planets

Feel at ease with Slow Life on a small planet

Tama Planets
Tama Planets Tama Planets Tama Planets

This application is a miniscape game with a loose nature. At first there are not many things that you can do, so please take your time and take care of it with patience.

[How to play]
There are lots of mysteries on this planet.
At first you have nothing. What you can do is also limited.
When you get something, plant them.
Water them to let them grow more and more.

When you are at a loss what to do, click on the pond.
You may get a useful item.

INTERNET: Backup to the cloud.
BILLING: In-app Billing. (Extending the item pack.)

Everyone in the community was immediately raised Miku Yune, We sincerely thank the designer as you provide a data model.


About this version (

fix: Screen shot bug.

Other versions released on 26 January 2021 (238 days ago) released on 20 January 2021 (244 days ago) released on 30 December 2019 (631 days ago)

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Size: 10 MB
Version: by TAMA.
Updated: 06 February 2021 (227 days ago)
Released: 06 December 2015
Installations: more than 10 000
Tama Planets
5 Stars: 995
4 Stars: 98
3 Stars: 78
2 Stars: 9
1 Star: 19

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