Tally Course in Hindi (With GST)

Tally Course in Hindi (With GST)

Tally Course in Hindi is a Full Tally Course application with GST

Tally Course in Hindi (With GST)
Tally Course in Hindi (With GST) Tally Course in Hindi (With GST) Tally Course in Hindi (With GST) Tally Course in Hindi (With GST) Tally Course in Hindi (With GST) Tally Course in Hindi (With GST) Tally Course in Hindi (With GST)

Full Tally Course

Note : This is not a Tally Solution or Tally.Erp Application this is just a Tally Tutorial

Full Tally Course is and offline application which contains all tally chapters. Completer Tally course have been covered in 15 chapters. Which are as under :

** What is Tally
** What is Accounting
** Features of Tally
** Rules of Accounts
** Start up window
** How to change Language
** Charts of Accounting
** List of Tally Ledgers
** Objective of Accounting
** Types of Accounts
** Types of vouchers
** How to Exit from Tally
** Basic Terminology of Accounting
** Accounting Feature of company
** How to Create Company
** How to create group company
** Company Features
** How to Select Company
** How to Alter company
** How to Delete Company
** How to Shut Company
** How to Split Company Data
** Import and Export Company
** Inventory Features of Company
** How to Create Ledger
** How to Display Ledger
** How to Alter Ledger
** What is Group and how to create group
** How to Create Stock Group
** How to Display Group
** How to Display Stock Group
** How to Alter Group
** How to Delete Group
** How to Backup
** How to Restore Backup
** How to Rewrite Data
** How to Alter Stock
** How to Display Cost Center
**How to Display List of account
** How to calculate Interest
** How to Create Cost Center
** How to Create Stock items
** Basic Concept of Inventory
** Budget in Tally
** Definitions of Accounting
** How to Switching between screen areas
** Contra Voucher
** Journal voucher transactions
** Payment Voucher Transaction
** Voucher Entry
** What is Voucher in Tally
** Bank Reconciliation
** Foreign currency
** Optional vouchers in tally
** Speedup data entry
** Stock Summary in Tally
** Balance Sheet
** Cost Center Ledger and Group Break up
** Cost Centers
** Over-due Recei vable and Payable
** Statement of Inventory
** Cheque Printing
** Inventory books
** Scenario Management
** What is ODBC

** Cash Flow and Fund Flow
** Double Entry System
** Profit and Loss Account
** Send E Mail
** What is Trial Balance
** Calculator command line
** Day Book
** Journal
** Reports in Tally
** Shortcut keys of Tally
** What is Tally Audit
** How to use Calculator
** How to use Tally Vault
** Ratio analysis
** Sales and Purchase Order Summary
** Security control


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