Talking virtual pet Oggy & Boo

Talking virtual pet Oggy & Boo

Talking Oggy and Boo is cartoon rivalry tale of pets cats slapstick humour.

Talking virtual pet Oggy & Boo
Talking virtual pet Oggy & Boo Talking virtual pet Oggy & Boo Talking virtual pet Oggy & Boo Talking virtual pet Oggy & Boo Talking virtual pet Oggy & Boo

"They run and they hide. They play and they fight. They talk and they bite. They are fun and full of mischief. They are rivals but are cute. They are virtual pet but can be nasty.
Talking Oggy & Boo are cute & funny cartoon animated virtual pet mouse. It's a classic cartoon rivalry tale between two virtual pet mouse with new age technology of mobile.Talking Oggy & Boo fight run hide play hit laugh talk & repeat your words in changed voices. Be a part of an epic battle between these two virtual pet mouse. Download now.

Talking Oggy & Boo fight which use household item as weapon to hit and fight with each other. Talking Oggy & Boo has 9 rooms with different set of cartoon fun weapons. It has over 100 different animations that will make you laugh and keep you entertained.
Living room It’s where the fun laugh and fights of virtual pet begins. Talking Oggy & Boo have knife frying pan hammer and many more fun items as weapons.
Sports room where the cartoon sports equipments are turned to fun animated weapons. Baseball bat boxing gloves basketball etc can be fun to play but are lethal weapons.
Bathroom Talking Oggy & Boo come here to give holy dip in boiling water to each other. They use hair dryer toothbrush hot water etc to freshen up each other.
Kitchen Talking Oggy & Boo cook each other. Serving bowl fruits serving spoon etc lend the helping hand.
Bed room Talking Oggy & Boo don’t sleep but wake up each other. STATUTORY WARNING Pillow cuckoo clock makeup kit etc can be dangerous.
Study room Neither shall I study nor should the other. Books Ink scissors etc are more harmful than helpful.
Toys room Talking Oggy & Boo turn harmless fun animated toys into weapons of mass destruction. Balloons bubbles maker binoculars etc can cause lot of destruction.
Gym Talking Oggy & Boo exercise and exercise the right to hit and beat each other. STATUTORY WARNING Use of treadmill punching bag steel rod etc in presence of the others can lead to injury.
Garage Talking Oggy & Boo use tools kits to hit and dent each other. Spanner drill machine welding machine etc are the tools of choice.
They are brutal . But love each other as well.
Hit tap poke or cuddle them to make them fight run hide play laugh talk & repeat your words in changed voices.

Talking Oggy & Boo animated cartoon characters fun fights will make you laugh.
Talk to them and they will repeat what you say in their changed voices.
Want to see them fight? Poke any one of them on eyes or tummy & enjoy the show.
If you like them press the record button and share through Facebook Twitter email WhatsApp LINE etc. Short video clips can be a lot of fun.
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Talking virtual pet Oggy & Boo
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