Talk! Alarm Clock

Talk! Alarm Clock

It is a simple alarm clock that notifies you of the current time by voice!

Talk! Alarm Clock
Talk! Alarm Clock Talk! Alarm Clock Talk! Alarm Clock Talk! Alarm Clock Talk! Alarm Clock Talk! Alarm Clock Talk! Alarm Clock Talk! Alarm Clock

It runs reliably even if the device restarts while sleeping.
It is a highly reliable talking alarm clock.
You can wake up alone without a wake-up call.
Good Morning!
Once you wake up, you can't sleep through.
The extreme alarm clock once in a millennium.

The current time is always notified by voice.
Therefore, you can know the current time without looking at screen of the phone.

The alarm name, date and day of the week are also announced by voice.
You can set any words for the alarm name.
Therefore, it can be used as a reminder.

It is also possible to sound the alarm only from Bluetooth earphones.
It can be used in places where sound cannot be output.
* Turn off "Ignoring headphones".

It is also possible to set the volume to 0 percent and set the alarm only for the vibration.

The settings are very simple and minimal, so you can set them up right away.
If you don't mind, try downloading and installing this software.

[Main specifications and functions]
- Press the plus sign to add an alarm.
- Turn on repeat. Executes the alarm repeatedly at the specified time and day of the week.
- The day of the week to execute can be selected.
- Various ringtones, your favorite songs, and music can be selected as alarm sounds.
- wake up that is very loud sound.
- It can also be used as an end alarm in game time of the kids.
- It can also be used as an end alarm for students study.
- You can set the volume to gradually increase.
- The noises level volume is also possible, so heavy sleepers well will wake up.
- It is possible to set the math problems etc. for alarm stop.
- You can set the puzzle of the number input and the calculation problem.
- You can also set the number of quiz questions.
- You can select whether to display the stop screen on the lock screen.
- The screen starts automatically and emits a gentle blue light.
- Available for download on various Android versions.
- It works offline.
* To save battery, widget are not supported.
* The same goes for live wallpaper.
* We are considering creating an explanatory video for YouTube.

We will update with reference to useful reviews.
We also aim to be an app that ranks high in the ranking.

We use text-to-speech apps such as Google Text-to-Speech for voice notifications.

Please notes that the following manufacturers may be stopped due to their own powerful battery functions:
Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony xperia, Huawei, Sharp, Asus, Oppo
* Please do the setting to exclude this application from the target.

We do not support paid options without ads for the following reasons.
- It is necessary to disclose the current address of the developer.
- Answer within 3 business days is required.
* I can not respond because I am a company employee.

If there is a problem, you can email from the app.
* Located at the bottom of the settings menu.

About this version (1.0.4)

V1.0.4 - Extremely rare bug fixes. V1.0.3 - Minor bug fixes. V1.0.2 - Minor bug fixes.

Other versions

1.0.3 released on 30 January 2020 (849 days ago)

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Updated: 26 September 2020 (609 days ago)
Released: 21 December 2019
Installations: more than 10 000
Talk! Alarm Clock
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