TakeCare Level30

TakeCare Level30

Join a 30-day global challenge to help build wellbeing into your daily routine.

TakeCare Level30
TakeCare Level30 TakeCare Level30 TakeCare Level30 TakeCare Level30 TakeCare Level30

TakeCare Level30 is a 30-day challenge designed to help build good behaviours into your daily routine. See how many wellbeing activities you can complete for yourself, for others and for our world. Play on your own or join a group and be on your way to living your best life.

You will complete a variety of wellbeing tasks and bonus challenges to earn points each day of the challenge. Challenge activities tie to personal wellbeing, doing good for others, and helping the environment.

Here’s how to play: Choose to join an existing team, create a team, or play solo as a part of our global group. Next, select your preferred bonus track. You’ll receive one base task and one bonus task each day for 30-days. Don’t want to complete the daily task? You can swap it for a new task once per day. Earn additional points for completing consecutive bonus tasks.

The TakeCare Level30 global challenge takes place during May, June and July of 2021. See where you stand against others in your group and on our global leaderboard!


- Over 60 wellbeing challenges to choose from to make you more productive, have more energy, and form better habits and routines in your life.
- Personalized bonus tasks tied to a topic of your choosing. Competition via a live leaderboard.


- Eat a plant-based food you've never had before.
- Expand your vocabulary: learn a word and its meaning, then use it in a sentence.
- Conserve water by turning it off when you are brushing your teeth.

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