Tachograph - assistant trucker

Tachograph - assistant trucker

Monitor the work and rest with the Tachograph app

Tachograph - assistant trucker
Tachograph - assistant trucker Tachograph - assistant trucker Tachograph - assistant trucker Tachograph - assistant trucker Tachograph - assistant trucker

The app Tachograph will help you very easily monitor the mode of work and rest of the international driver.

The Tachograph app has detailed tips on all modes of operation and timers.

When following instructions and prompts the Tachograph app will not allow violation of work and rest schedules.

The app has a convenient journal where all your shifts are automatically recorded so you no longer need a notebook for shift records.

Just switch the modes of the app in accordance with what you are doing (Driving/Rest/Work/POA) and the app itself will start the necessary timers and show you all the necessary information.

To switch between work and rest modes the app has buttons with corresponding names
- Driving
- Rest
- Work

Hints on modes of operation can be called by pressing the symbol (?) when selecting any of the modes of operation.

There are 9 timers in the main window of the program
- Total time 13/15
- Continuous driving 430
- Break 015/045
- daily driving 9/10
- Daily rest period 9/11
- Weekly driving 56
- Weekly rest period 24/45
- Two-week driving 90
- Weekly time 144
All timers start automatically depending on the selected mode of operation.
By clicking on the name of the timer and the symbol (?) you can call a hint for any of the timers.
By going to Menu - Journal you can view and edit the records of all your saved shifts.
Description of the journal is Menu - Journal - Journal menu.
A hint for the shift editor is Menu - Journal - Shift - Shift Menu.

The app is designed taking into account
- Regulation of the European Parliament and Council (EU) No. 561/2006;
- European Agreement Concerning the Work of Crews of Vehicles engaged in International Road Transport (AETR);
- Directives of the European Parliament and Council 2002/15/EC.
To work with the app you must have a general knowledge of these laws.

The app is translated into the following languages
- Russian
- Ukrainian
- English.


About this version (1.2.15)

• Added the ability to select the year in the date picker fields

Other versions

1.2.14 released on 08 June 2020 (265 days ago)
1.2.13 released on 26 May 2020 (278 days ago)

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Released: 04 December 2017
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Tachograph - assistant trucker
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