A network debug tool on Android platform

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A network debug tool on Android platform, you can redirect specified network traffic to http/https/socks5/socks5-tls/shadowsocks/vmess/trojan proxy.

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About this version (2.9.12 (Build 146))

Use mlkit qrcode scanning instead of zxing Add Developer Options UI Support Android 13 themed app icon Support override http-listen and socks5-listen in profiles Support HTTP 30X redirection when fetching external resource Rewrite external resource manager Profile editor: performance improve, add more highlight support Add internet-test-url/udp-policy-not-supported-behaviour support Add traffic statistics card in dashboard(only count a single session) Update translation Bug fixed

Other versions

2.9.4 (build 137) released on 15 April 2022 (293 days ago)
2.9.1 (build 134) released on 06 April 2022 (302 days ago)
2.7.8 (build 121) released on 16 January 2022 (382 days ago)

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Updated: 06 May 2022 (272 days ago)
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