Super Power Movie FX

Super Power Movie FX

Awesome Super fx effects for photos

Super Power Movie FX
Super Power Movie FX Super Power Movie FX

Super power movie fx is bring you to change yourself into super hero fx effects in your photos with “Super Power Fx”. This awesome app give you a ability to change you by virtual superpower movies experience in real life.
You can easily make your ordinary photo into special effects & unbelievable fx effects. “Super Power Fx” allow you to add super power fx stickers (Aura, Comics, Powers, Wigs, Wings and Super Weapons) to your photos.
After saving you will get more editing options like Crop image, Brightness, Contrast, Colour, Temperature, Rotate and Flip photo. After these all editing in “Super Power Fx” you can add extra photo editing filters. You can apply these photo filters without editing photo also.
We've got the perfect app - "Super Power FX"!
Welcome to konoha the kingdom of super heroes. In this free app You can find all super power camera effects for all occasions. Simply upload or take a new photo and let the action begin!

It's easy to transform yourself and your friends into a superhero or legendary anime ninjas, the choice is huge, you can became a fighter, samurai, super saiyan, or any great movie character you want, even dragon just play with our super power fx camera and get cool movie fx and anime cosplay. Once you are done, save your new picture to your gallery or share it with your friends via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. This is the most amazing action movie graphics effects ever created! It's unbelievable easy to use and it's completely free!

Super Power Fx is a free to used all the Super Power Fx stickers and set into your photo and make it fun it.

Using Super Power Fx you create cool Super Power Fx looks using only your photo and transform your self into a Super Power Fx quickly and easy.

Super Power Fx choose one in every of the cool celebrity's Super Power Fx stickers to visualize however would you look with a Super Power Fx.
1. Choose photo from gallery or camera for photo editing
2. Select photo and crop it as you want
3. Super Power Fx Photo Editor having more than 190+ HD stickers of Super Power Fx.
4. Choose best Super Power Fx stickers from available option to fit in your photos.
5. Rotate background image whenever you want
6. Save and share on social media sites
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Super Power Movie FX
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