Sun Today (Space Weather)

Sun Today (Space Weather)

View sunrise sunset geomagnetic storms and golden hour times for any date

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Sun Today (Space Weather)
Sun Today (Space Weather) Sun Today (Space Weather) Sun Today (Space Weather) Sun Today (Space Weather) Sun Today (Space Weather) Sun Today (Space Weather) Sun Today (Space Weather) Sun Today (Space Weather)

This app will help you determine the exact time of sunrise and sunset, day length, beginning and end of twilight time, geomagnetic conditions, choose the best time for photography, get notification about the beginning of magnetic storm, see image of the Sun in different spectra.

Use this app for:
- Matching your natural rhythm of life with the time of day
- Finding a suitable date for landscape photography at sunrise and sunset, planning a photo shooting session with regard to the golden hour, critical hours, height of the Sun above the horizon
- Purchases of real estate and location of various objects taking into account solar insolation
- Forecast observations of the arctic lights
- Minimize damage from magnetic storms

App features:

- Calculation of sunrise and sunset time, astronomical noon, day length, beginning and end of the civil, nautical, and astronomical twilight, the onset of equinoxes and solstices. Customizable widget for sunrise and sunset time.

- In the map mode position of the Sun is imposed onto terrain, anywhere in the world, on any date, using the local time. Optional recording of location and object of photography. Calculation of azimuth and height of the Sun above the horizon, a visual display of the golden hour and critical hours.

- Displays the current geomagnetic solar activity, forecast of magnetic storms probability in the coming three days, notification about the beginning of a storm, display of density, temperature and speed of solar wind updated once in a minute.

- Images of the Sun, active regions on the Sun surface at the current time, as well as of any date over the past 5 years.

Some features are only available in the premium version.

If you have any questions, problems with the app or suggestions for improvement, please send your feedback via email.

About this version (3.1.3)

3.1.3 Added to the calendar: - moonrise/moonset - moon phases - time of solar and lunar eclipses - events filter 3.0* - Location selection completely rewritten, added time zone selection - The calendar has become a continuous list - Added solar wind tab - Rewritten visual part for the possibility of future updates

Other versions

3.0.17 released on 07 March 2022 (277 days ago)
3.0.16 released on 15 February 2022 (297 days ago)
3.0.15 released on 01 January 2022 (342 days ago)
3.0.11 released on 18 December 2021 (356 days ago)
3.0.6 released on 11 December 2021 (363 days ago)
3.0.5 released on 29 November 2021 (375 days ago)
2.9.37 released on 22 December 2019 (1083 days ago)

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Updated: 08 May 2022 (215 days ago)
Released: 12 April 2016
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Sun Today (Space Weather)
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