Sunbasket - Meal Kit Delivery

Sunbasket - Meal Kit Delivery

Meal Kit Delivery

Sunbasket - Meal Kit Delivery
Sunbasket - Meal Kit Delivery Sunbasket - Meal Kit Delivery Sunbasket - Meal Kit Delivery Sunbasket - Meal Kit Delivery Sunbasket - Meal Kit Delivery Sunbasket - Meal Kit Delivery

Here comes the Sunbasket, your go-to source for fresh prepared meals and mouthwatering recipes featuring organic fresh produce. We partner with the country’s top farmers, producers, and fishermen to bring the best ingredients under the sun: responsibly-sourced meats, sustainable seafood, and peak-season flavors.

Discover nutritious and delicious recipes crafted by our team of award-winning chefs. From breakfast to dinner to everything in between, we pick, prep, and perfect our meals—so you can take it easy.


Short on time? Just heat up our Fresh & Ready dinners for a no-fuss meal in as little as 6 minutes. Light on effort and rich in flavor, these fresh (never frozen!) dinners make healthy eating easy peasy.

We picked the best ingredients, now you pick the best meals. Choose your favorite meal plan or mix and match from over 24 weekly recipes. Either way, variety is always on the menu.


Presto! Your go-to dinner is now your come-to dinner. With one simple tap (and a little happy dance), get all your favorite meals delivered to your doorstep.

Our team of award-winning chefs develop, test, and perfect each dish, so you get five-star deliciousness in every bite. It’s like having your own personal sous chef.

Manage your subscription anytime, anywhere. Use our app to schedule weekly deliveries, customize your menu, and discover quick and easy recipes. Need to skip, cancel, or forward your box? Sure thing.

About this version (2.0.8)

With this release, we've cooked up a delicious update to your Sunbasket experience. Large full bleed recipe images to excite your taste buds Simplified navigation with My Week, Meal Kits, Fresh & Ready, and Market Each meal gets its own price, so you can shop in a way that works best for you Within Meal Kits and Fresh & Ready, we'll show you meals that meet at least 1 of your Preferences first, followed by all meals. You can update your Preferences at any time Improved Market aisle navigation

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