SumRando Messenger

SumRando Messenger

Secure and encrypt your mobile messages with SumRando Messenger!

SumRando Messenger
SumRando Messenger SumRando Messenger SumRando Messenger SumRando Messenger SumRando Messenger SumRando Messenger

SumRando Messenger is a secure real-time chat app that encrypts messages between you and your friends.

Now featuring end-to-end encryption!

SumRando is committed to your privacy and protecting your digital communications by securing your online activity with SumRando VPN and SumRando Web Proxy and now your messaging communication with SumRando Messenger. With SumRando Messenger you can chat freely with your friends without worry of your ISP or phone provider reading along helping free you from data misuse and abuse.

SumRando Messenger features

- End-to-End Encryption with Secure Messages

- Text with your friends in real-time - send text photos videos and files securely!

- Limited Registration - Create a username and password. No other information required!

- The ability to link your account to your phone number or email address to make it easier for other SumRando Messenger users easier to find you. BUT there is no mandatory link between your phone number and/or email address!

- The ability to invite others to secure conversations with you using SumRando Messenger through email or SMS.

- The ability to delete messages from your account or the recipient's account - before or after the message is read.

- The ability to destroy your entire conversation from your account and your friend's account!

- Group chat. Chat securely with all of your friends at once!

- Messages are NOT stored on your device. Log out and there is no trace of your conversation.

- Now available in 14 languages! And with emojis!

Check out our FAQs โ€“ https// or email if you have any questions or problems with the app.

Please send any additional feedback to


About this version (1.38)

Default end-to-end encryption. Bug fixes. Registration workflow changes.

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 7 MB
Version: 1.38 by Sumrando (Pty) Ltd
Updated: 08 August 2019 (1322 days ago)
Released: 10 July 2014
Installations: more than 100 000
SumRando Messenger
5 Stars: 1610
4 Stars: 131
3 Stars: 131
2 Stars: 40
1 Star: 162

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