Summon Field

Summon Field

This is a tactics RPG. You fight by summoning and arranging the collected units.

 Summon Field
 Summon Field  Summon Field  Summon Field  Summon Field  Summon Field  Summon Field  Summon Field  Summon Field  Summon Field  Summon Field  Summon Field  Summon Field  Summon Field

Battle scene
- Arrangement of the unit is completed simply by selecting the deck prepared in advance. If you move the magic circle with your fingers you can change the position.
- The unit's turn will come in order of speed. Just watch them if "full auto" is checked.
- In case of manual operation tap the magic circle for movement. For attacks first tap the skill button you want to use then tap the magic circle of the attack destination.
- If you annihilate the opponent the stage is a victory. The unit which was knocked down is resurrected in the next battle. Of course they will not lose EXP they have acquired so let's raise that steadily.
Note Attack power with * attached is a physical attack. It is offset by the physical defense of the opponent. "Defense *" is physical defence.

Battle mission
- Area selection and quest selection can be switched with the button on the upper right.
- In the area selection you can start the battle by selecting the area and stage you want to fight.
- The area and stage that can go increases and the level of the enemies goes up on the stage once cleared.
- Depending on the stage there are also special reward such as unlocking new unit item acquisition unlocking new area etc.

Unit management
- It is the basic screen. You can display your all units.
- You can summon a new unit to an empty frame.
- Put the unit in and out of the deck with the "In" or "Out" button of each deck.
- Unit frames and decks will increase due to victory over the battle etc.

- All units that can be summoned are displayed.
- The units will be summonable by "Research" the unit that became researchable.
- Let's research more and more using raised units or items.

- Items and titles can be switched with the button on the upper right.
- In the items screen you can check the items you've acquired. You can go the discovery location from here.
- In the titles screen you can check the titles already acquired.

Option(Setting/Net save)
- You can adjust the volume change the game speed etc.
- You can save it to the server by tapping the "Save to server" button.
- You can load from the server by tapping the "Load from server" button. Please copy and paste the ID to change the model.
- When you tapp the "Leaders board" button you can see the leaders board of CP and survival. Let's compete with friends and users across the world.


Special thanks
- R-do http//
- Tasogaretei http//
- Decunokoubou http//
- Escape http//
- Akakinomiya ongakudou http//
- Fuwapuka https//
- Rittor Music etc


About this version (1.1.7)

A bug is fixed.

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Updated: 23 August 2018 (795 days ago)
Released: 25 May 2018
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 Summon Field
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