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Sudoku Free

Over 2000 Classic Sudoku Puzzles

Sudoku Free
Sudoku Free Sudoku Free Sudoku Free Sudoku Free Sudoku Free Sudoku Free Sudoku Free Sudoku Free Sudoku Free Sudoku Free Sudoku Free Sudoku Free Sudoku Free

Classic Sudoku with 4 difficulty levels and over 2000 puzzles.
Very easy to use interface with great sharing features. A perfect brain trainer.

Entering solutions is effortless. Select a cell in the grid then press 1 to 9 to make that digit appear in the cell. Press the digit again and it is removed. Give it a try. It is free.

Gemego Sudoku is the essential download for any Sudoku fan.

โ˜… Instructions
โ˜… 4 levels (Easy Medium Hard Extreme)
โ˜… Just select a digit to add/remove it from the selected cell
โ˜… Unlimited Undo/Redo
โ˜… Over 2000 crisp clear Sudoku grids just like you see in the newspapers
โ˜… 5 beautiful themes โ€“ providing different color schemes and settings e.g. Default Simple Blue
โ˜… Online rank in the world country state and city
โ˜… Online leaderboard for the world country state and city
โ˜… Validate โ€“ check a part completed puzzle
โ˜… Percentage complete and timer shown
โ˜… Share loadable game - allows you to play with a friend
โ˜… Share printable grid โ€“ print out and complete if you like
โ˜… Auto pencil marks โ€“ just type a 2nd digit and it appears as a pencil mark
โ˜… Auto fill pencil marks
โ˜… Stats โ€“ shows games completed and total score
โ˜… Auto-save and option to save puzzle
โ˜… Option to show count of digits on buttons
โ˜… Option to highlight selected square row and column
โ˜… Portrait and Landscape support
โ˜… Designed for Tablets and Phones

Use our highlight same numbers feature to show where all the 2s are for example. This makes solving the grid a joy.

If you like to use pencil marks (also known as notes) these can be entered simply by selecting a second digit to appear in the cell. Pencil marks are useful when you know a cell can only contain one of two digits (or more). For example if a cell can only be either 5 or 6 then using this feature both digits appear in the cell as small pencil marks. If you don't want to use pencil marks that is fine as well.

We hope you enjoy our Sudoku but if you don't please don't hesitate to contact us. We love to hear your feedback.

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