Sudoku Blitz - Color & Classic

Sudoku Blitz - Color & Classic

Train your brain and keep your mind sharp with Classic and Color Sudoku!

Sudoku Blitz - Color & Classic
Sudoku Blitz - Color & Classic Sudoku Blitz - Color & Classic Sudoku Blitz - Color & Classic Sudoku Blitz - Color & Classic Sudoku Blitz - Color & Classic Sudoku Blitz - Color & Classic Sudoku Blitz - Color & Classic Sudoku Blitz - Color & Classic


Discover a whole new world of Sudoku Puzzles. Two fantastic Sudoku games in one app: Color Sudoku and Classic Sudoku! Play Sudoku as small as 3 by 3 (great for learning or quick sudoku games) to as large as 9 by 9.

Our Sudoku games have a user-friendly interface, well-balanced difficulty levels, and easy control.


Improve your memory and logical thinking with daily sudoku training! Sudoku is one of the best brain training games. Yes, with Classic and Color Sudoku, you are getting both fun and beneficial puzzle games!

Fantastic features of Sudoku Puzzles - Color & Classic
✔️ Two great games in one: Classic Sudoku and Color Sudoku
✔️ User-friendly interface
✔️ Engaging challenges
✔️ The only Sudoku game built for ages 5 to 100
✔️ Ability to mark cells to show decision points
✔️ Are you stuck in the middle of the Sudoku puzzle? Use hints!
✔️ Notes to help you cover all possibilities
✔️ Made a mistake? No worries, use the undo feature

The #1 FREE Sudoku Game
Learn or improve your Sudoku puzzle skills in two fantastic games - Classic and Color Sudoku! Finish logic puzzles with fun challenges and win awards!

Experience Classic and Color Sudoku like never before! Enjoy playing brain training games and solving logic puzzles while having endless fun! Suitable for players of all levels.

Daily Sudoku Training
Play a good Sudoku game that's easy to learn, easy to play, and easy to master! Discover great challenges and daily sudoku training! Play Sudoku in color, a great and challenging variant of one of the most popular puzzle games.

Color Sudoku
If you are a fan of Classic Sudoku, you'll love the Sudoku in color puzzle game! Start playing your favorite number puzzle game in a new delightful variant - Color Sudoku!

Playing Sudoku has many benefits:
✔️ Improves your memory
✔️ Logical thinking
✔️ Concentration
✔️ Reduces chances of developing Alzheimer's
Keeping an active brain is essential, and Classic & Color Sudoku are a great way to achieve that.

Unlimited puzzles for every skill level! Train your brain and keep your mind sharp! 🧠


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Sudoku Blitz - Color & Classic
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