[Substratum] Navbars

[Substratum] Navbars

24 different styles for your navbar

[Substratum] Navbars
[Substratum] Navbars [Substratum] Navbars [Substratum] Navbars [Substratum] Navbars

Read carefully what's written down here before leaving a bad rating and asking how does it work?, why I cannot open it? or I have installed the app but I can't find it anywhere!.
You'd only seem dumb and it's quite irritating dealing with questions like those.
Furthermore, Samsung devices support is not guaranteed. If you own a Samsung device, my theme may or may not work.
If it doesn't, I wouldn't know how to help you..

You need Substratum Theme Engine and a ROM which supports OMS [Overlay Manager Service] to use my theme.
If you don't know what Substratum or OMS is, please don't install or badly rate this app.

More info about Substratum: http://bit.ly/what-is-substratum

Compatibility: Android 7.x-8.0 - On Android 8.1+ navbar buttons become super-tiny.

How to pick one of the variants of this theme?

1. Install Substratum Theme Engine from Play Store [if you haven't already]
2. Install this theme
3. Open Substratum app, give/accept permission and eventually root access
4. Now you will see Navbars theme tile in Substratum app showcase
5. Tap on Navbars and enter into the theme section
6. Thick SystemUI Navigation
7. Press on "Choose one from the list..." to select the navbar layout you want to apply [you can see in top of the Substratum window, where all variants are named beside a preview image, to best choose the one you prefer]
8. Once you have selected the layout you chose, press the fab icon in the bottom right, and select "Build and Enable"
9. Wait a few [UI will restart] then you'll see the changes

If you want to remove / uninstall my app, please be sure that all the overlays are disabled into Substratum.

For any request or feedback: zipalign@gmail.com
XDA Forum thread: http://bit.ly/navbars


About this version (7.10.29)

fixed dark navbar come to stock when opening appdrawer via pixel launcher or similar

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[Substratum] Navbars
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