Story Maker for Instagram - StoryStar

Story Maker for Instagram - StoryStar

The Most Powerful Story Creator to Make Your Stories Outstanding.

Story Maker for Instagram - StoryStar
Story Maker for Instagram - StoryStar Story Maker for Instagram - StoryStar Story Maker for Instagram - StoryStar Story Maker for Instagram - StoryStar Story Maker for Instagram - StoryStar Story Maker for Instagram - StoryStar Story Maker for Instagram - StoryStar

Stories are the new trend. You can see them everywhere. Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, they’re all flooded with stories. But, not everyone has enough time to check each and every story uploaded by their friends or family members. What catches our eyes are “attractive stories”. If someone has uploaded an attractive story then we will surely spend some time having a look at it. But, how you can create a beautiful mess? Well, the answer is you can download our most powerful story maker “StoryStar” to give your stories a catchy look.

StoryStar Offerings:

Story Creator: If you’re looking for a story maker that comes with handy tools then StoryStar is what we recommend to you. It has multiple story editing tools, effects to create beautiful stories for Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook.

For Instagram Influencers: We’ve made it useful for Instagram influencers. We know you guys need good tools to create instant and eye-catching stories for Instagram. You need it and we did it!

Beautiful Stories for Events & Festivals: Got to send Birthday wishes to your friends? Do it by posting a customized story on social media. You can create beautiful stories for events and festivals to greet your beloved ones with Story Star.

Filters: Create amazing photos with specially created filters that can give your photos a completely new look. Easily transform your simple picture into a stunning photo for your Insta story.

Tint: Have you ever tried Tint for photos? Unfold absolutely amazing photo effect just using normal colors but giving the best results when applying on your photos.

Grow Your Business: These stories aren’t only for users to share their memories but are also good enough to promote a business. If you’re a business person or a digital marketing expert, then you too can use story star to create a good background story of your business or story of a product to promote it on social networks.

Story Templates: We’ve got two types of templates for you, Simple & Stylish. You can check easily edit them by tapping on a template of your choice.

Instant Story Maker: Create stories on the go. No matter if you’re traveling or have some important tasks to do. You can always create a story art for your beloved ones instantly. We’ve readymade templates that can be used to instantly create any kind of story. Just add pics, description and you’re done!

WhatsApp Status: It’s only for stories. But you can also create interesting or inspiring WhatsApp status to share with your friends and family.

Easy Template Customization: You can customize templates by tapping on them. Add images and set border thickness, Change font styles, alignments etc easily.
So, what are you waiting for? Install the most amazing story creator today.

About this version (6.10.1)

Our latest update comes with Android 12 support and performance enhancements to ensure a seamless experience across the app. Update to the latest version now! If you have any feedback or suggestions, mail us at Cheers

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6.1.0 released on 03 May 2020 (1309 days ago)

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Story Maker for Instagram - StoryStar
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