Stopwatch with History

Stopwatch with History

A simple and easy-to-use stopwatch with history function.

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Stopwatch with History
Stopwatch with History Stopwatch with History Stopwatch with History Stopwatch with History Stopwatch with History Stopwatch with History Stopwatch with History Stopwatch with History

In addition to basic functions such as lap measurements and split measurements, this is a convenient stopwatch that can store the history of measurements.
You can give a label to each stored data and save it.
Each label can be filtered and output as a graph, so this is an excellent application for "basic measurement" as well as "management of measurement results".
You can customize it in a wide range of ways, such as making the entire screen an operation button, making the volume button an operation button, and counting up while touching the screen.

It's a simple but functional stopwatch that can be used for various things such as speed cube practice and daily training management.

※Points of particular interest
Most stopwatches are activated by touching the screen and releasing your finger (click operation).
This causes a time lag between the result and the measured data.
The stopwatch is designed to operate at the same time you touch it to improve accurate data measurement (touch operation).

☆Main Functions

â—‡Switching the operation method
 ・Full screen button mode
  Full screen button mode, in which the control buttons are stretched across the screen.
  You don't need to look at the screen to operate it, just raise or lower your finger.
  It is recommended for time attacks and the like, as you can concentrate on the measurement target while measuring.

 ・Operation with the volume buttons
  A mode that can be operated with the volume buttons on the side of the device.
  Recommended for people who want to operate the device with physical buttons on their phones.
â—‡Switch the measurement method.

 ・Standard operation (alternate operation)
  The measurement starts when you touch the screen and stops the next time you touch it.
  Common normal stopwatch measurement method.
  Effective for long measurement times.

 ・Measurement of contact time (momentary action)
  A measurement method that counts up while the user is touching the screen.
  When you touch the screen, the measurement starts, and when you release your finger, the measurement stops.
  It is effective when the measurement time is short.

â—‡Label function
 Ability to label the measurement data.
 You can check the history of the data at a glance when you check the history later.
 It is convenient for data management when combined with the filter function and report function.

â—‡ Memo function
 A function to leave a simple memo on each measurement result separately from the label.
 The memo is not affected by the filter.
 It is ideal for leaving small changes of the day such as weather, temperature and physical condition.

â—‡History function (saving measured values)
 This function automatically stores the measurement results from the stopwatch.
 The number of data to be stored can be changed by setting.
  Lap times and split times can also be stored.

 ・Filter function
  Data can be displayed separately for each label.
  Can be combined with the report function.
  This function can display only the data of the same label.

 ・Report function
  Display data in graphs and analyze maximum, minimum and average values.
  This is a recommended function for data management.

â—‡Lap time measurement function (split time measurement)
 The lap time can be displayed while measuring the elapsed time.
 The lap data remains in the history.

â—‡Resume function (resume function)
 After the measurement is stopped, it can be resumed from the time it was stopped.

â—‡ Font
 You can customize the background color, font color, font size, etc. to your liking

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