Stepper - The Pedometer App

Stepper - The Pedometer App

Track steps daily using step counter. Free Step Counter & Calorie Counter.

Stepper - The Pedometer App
Stepper - The Pedometer App Stepper - The Pedometer App Stepper - The Pedometer App Stepper - The Pedometer App Stepper - The Pedometer App

Healthcare apps bring you best in class pedometer app for your healthy and fit lifestyle.

Stepper is new generation pedometer app. STEPPER is lightweight pedometer app using the hardware step-sensor for minimal battery consumption. This app is designed to be kept running all the time without having any impact on your battery life! It uses the hardware step detection sensor of the Nexus 5, which is already running even when not using any pedometer app. Therefore the app does not drain any additional battery. Unlike other pedometer apps, this app does not track your movement or your location so it doesn't need to turn on your GPS sensor (again: no impact on your battery).

Benefits of using Stepper:
Battery optimized step counter.
No glitch of GPS limitation.
Better way to find actual steps.
Leader-board to motivate yourself.
Invite & earn program.
Accurate Pedometer Calculations and Statistics.
Set Your Daily and Session based goals.
Sign In with Google Account makes it robust & secure.
Unlock achievements as your proceed.

Hope you like the app and more features coming soon.


About this version (1.5)

Other versions

1.4 released on 27 March 2021 (208 days ago)
1.2 released on 10 February 2021 (253 days ago)
1.1 released on 28 January 2021 (266 days ago)
1.0 released on 19 January 2021 (275 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 6 MB
Version: 1.5 by Healthcare Apps
Updated: 08 May 2021 (166 days ago)
Released: 19 January 2021
Installations: more than 10 000
Stepper - The Pedometer App
5 Stars: 211
4 Stars: 58
3 Stars: 29
2 Stars: 10
1 Star: 54

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