Step By Step: Gps watch, child`s phone tracker

Step By Step: Gps watch, child`s phone tracker

App for parental control of GPS watch Smart Baby Watch and child`s mobile phone.

Step By Step: Gps watch, child`s phone tracker
Step By Step: Gps watch, child`s phone tracker Step By Step: Gps watch, child`s phone tracker Step By Step: Gps watch, child`s phone tracker Step By Step: Gps watch, child`s phone tracker Step By Step: Gps watch, child`s phone tracker Step By Step: Gps watch, child`s phone tracker Step By Step: Gps watch, child`s phone tracker Step By Step: Gps watch, child`s phone tracker

An application to parent control of GPS Smart Baby Watch and other compatible GPS devices, as children's mobile phones and tablets on the ANDROID platform, which brings their work to a new level of accuracy.

Step By Step, then just "Step", is a product developed with support of Wonlex and another factories, based on millions requests users of GPS watches and GPS devices all over the world !

Smart Baby GPS Watches demonstrated their performance all over the world and a Step app was created for make used of GPS devices most stable and comfortable.

Step has the broad functionality of the presented apps in the market and will become the best friend for your Smart Baby GPS Watch:

โ˜…GPS LOCATOR - to control accurate location of children's devices in online mode.

โ˜…ROUTE HISTORY - to track the movement history of your smart devices.

โ˜…CALLBACK - to hear the sound around the children's smart watch.

โ˜…GEO-ZONES - to control the entry and exit of the child from the places on the map.

โ˜…SOS BUTTON - for SOS signal if child`s need emergency help.

โ˜…CHAT WITH PARENTS - to communicate with the whole family in one place.

โ˜…REWARDS - to send motivating hearts-rewards.

โ˜…REMOVAL FROM THE HAND - for timely notifications to the parents about child's smart watch has been removed from the hand.

โ˜…NOTIFICATIONS - low battery at controlled devices, visits of the PLACES, removal from the hand, SOS and others.

โ˜…REMINDERS - for timely notifications to the baby about the planned actions, so child will not forget anything.

โ˜…ACTIVITY - pedometer to monitor your child's physical activity and history of its changes.

โ˜…ROUTE - to build the optimal route to the device on foot or by car or public transport.

โ˜…ALL DEVICES ON ONE MAP - simultaneously monitor of all children's GPS trackers, watches or ANDROID phones on one map.

The app is suitable for parental control and configuration of any devices Smart Baby Watch, Smart Age Watch, Smart Pet Tracker, Smart Tracker and other similar, and you can connect child`s mobile phones or tablets on ANDROID and use it as an objects of observation!

From manufacturers:

Wonlex, JET KID, SETRACKER, ะ“ะ”ะ• ะœะžะ˜ ะ”ะ•ะขะ˜, KidControl, AIBEILE, MyFrap, ะะกะขะ•ะ ะ˜ะฃะœ, GOGPS ME, ะšะะžะŸะšะ911, ะšะะžะŸะšะ ะ–ะ˜ะ—ะะ˜, Smart Baby Watch, KiDSnav, Ergo, Tiroki, Wokka Lokka, Pax+, Motto, Titan Watch, ะšะะ ะšะะœ, LEMFO, Noco, Wokka, ะœะะฏะš, GINZZU, Tesla Nautilus Junior, Prolike, TipTop, Palmexx, YQT, Wochi, Wise, GOGPS, Sentar, SMARUS, Polaroid, Atrix, Denco and other similar.

Supported models:

Q50, SBW X, SBW 1, SBW One, A9, A16, A19, A20, A20S, Q7, Q8, Q9, Q10, Q11, Q12, Q15, Q60, Q60s, Q65, Q66, Q70, Q75, Q80, Q90, Q90s, Q100, Q100s, Q120, Q121, Q150, Q150s, Q200, Q200s, Q360, Q300s, Q500, Q520, Q520s, Q528, Q528s, Q529, Q610s, Q730, Q750, Q1000, Q1000s, Gw100, Gw100s, Gw200s, Gw300, Gw300s, Gw400, Gw400s, Gw400x, Gw500, Gw500s, Gw600, Gw600s, Gw700, Gw700s, Gw900, Gw900s, Gw1000, Gw2000, Gw4000, G10, G36, G36s, G72, G100, G300, G300s, G600, G600s, G700, G900, G900s, G900a, Ew100, Ew200, Ew100s, T58, T7, T100, T529, TW6, i8, i365, iq100, iq300, iq400, iq600, L70, L70s, TD-02, TD-05, TD-10, W8, W9, W10, W12, W15, WS, W20s, S200, S01, S02, S03, S04, S4, S6, S7, S8, S9, D7, DF25, DF25G, DF27, DF27G, DF33, D99, D100, D100s, D200, GZ-501, GZ-502, GZ-503, GZ-505, GZ-507, GZ-511, GZ-521, GZ-751, JM13, GOZO, ZoOmix, SW800, WG-SW03, Smart Pet Tracker PT01, PT02, K6, K10, K911, K917, K010, V6G, FA23, E529, KT01, KT02, KT03, KT04, KT05, KT06, KT07, KT08, KT09, KT10, KT11, KT12, Y81, Aimoto Start, Aimoto Ocean, Aimoto Sport, Aimoto Disney, Aimoto Marvel, JET KID START, JET KID NEXT, JET KID SMART, JET KID SCOUT, JET KID SPORT, JET KID CONNECT, JET KID GEAR, JET KID SWIMMER, JET KID MY LITTLE PONY, JET KID TRANSFORMERS, Polaroid moji, GSMIN BW1 and many other similar.

About this version (2.2.5)

In the new version - improvements and new functions await you: NOW MORE ACCURATE - We have improved the quality of coordinate updates, improved coordinate filters. FIXED TELEPHONE CONNECTION ERRORS - We have updated the algorithms for connecting phones as children's devices. Now phones will connect quickly and without errors! We sincerely hope you enjoy the new version. For all questions and comments, please write to the CHAT with technical support in the application.

Other versions

2.2.3 released on 25 October 2020 (238 days ago)
2.2.2 released on 11 October 2020 (252 days ago)
2.2.1 released on 03 May 2020 (413 days ago)

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Step By Step: Gps watch, child`s phone tracker
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