My Kids : GPS Locator

My Kids : GPS Locator

GPS family tracker. Parental control.Smartphone Locator. Smart Watch GPS tracker

My Kids : GPS Locator
My Kids : GPS Locator My Kids : GPS Locator My Kids : GPS Locator My Kids : GPS Locator My Kids : GPS Locator My Kids : GPS Locator My Kids : GPS Locator My Kids : GPS Locator My Kids : GPS Locator My Kids : GPS Locator My Kids : GPS Locator My Kids : GPS Locator My Kids : GPS Locator My Kids : GPS Locator My Kids : GPS Locator My Kids : GPS Locator My Kids : GPS Locator My Kids : GPS Locator My Kids : GPS Locator My Kids : GPS Locator My Kids : GPS Locator My Kids : GPS Locator My Kids : GPS Locator My Kids : GPS Locator

My Kids : GPS Locator An application to parent control of GPS Smart Baby Watch and mobile phones on the ANDROID platform, which brings their work to a new level of accuracy.
My Kids : GPS Locator Kids GPS Tracker an app to find kids using Smart Baby Watch and Android smartphone around the world!
Parental control at a new level with high accuracy!
Always Know Where Your Children Are!
The My Kids : GPS Locator Children's GPS Tracker app has been developed taking into account the wishes
of millions of GPS tracker users from all over the world. It is simply necessary when
there are small children.
My Kids : GPS Locator is an application with which you can not worry about the location of your
child. With the help of a watch that he will always wear on his hand, you can find out where
your baby is at the moment. For example, when he is at school, you can follow
him. I went into the app and listened to see if everything was fine with the child.
All parents worry about their children. There are different situations, so always
you need to be fully prepared. Some people live in troubled areas where there are a lot
of alcoholics walking and visiting foreigners. You never know what will come to their mind.
It also happens that the child went to visit friends or to the store, and the parents
are very worried about him at this time.
Using the app, moms and dads will be much calmer knowing the location
of the child. The connection is stable, the location does not lie. It's a
pleasure to use it.
Now parental control has reached the highest level with high accuracy!
Advantages of the children's GPS tracker app
The main advantages of the program include

The user can always contact the support service.
You can ask any question or complain about the operation of the application

There is a family chat where you can communicate with parents not only by text, but also by voice

Stable connection with servers. The program for children's smart watches will not be "lost", and
parents will not have to worry about signal
Remote microphone activation in the format of a hidden call. This means that
the parent can listen to what is happening near the child without attracting unnecessary
There is an interactive map that can be scaled for detailed
tracking of the child's movement routes
The history of geolocation data is saved. Parents can view the history
to know where the child was during the day (morning, evening or a few hours ago
Reminders. Using this function, the child will be notified of
the planned actions
Pedometer - to monitor the physical activity of the child,

The "removal from the hand" function. Then the parent will be notified that the child has removed the children's
GPS watch with hands

You can find out the exact geo-position of the child - up to several meters

The child can use the alarm button โ€“ as soon as he does this,
an SOS signal will come to the parent on the phone or tablet
Find my kids is no longer a question!

About the children's GPS tracker app
It is possible to make a callback from the device. A very interesting feature
is the history of routes, as well as geo-zones. The application works very well, without failures.
The functionality is clear, even a beginner will understand all the settings. There
is nothing abstruse in the application.
This application is a real assistant. You can view routes, how
the child moves all day. With him, it becomes much calmer for the baby. I quickly
set up the application and everything is like a mountain off my shoulders, no worries. Moreover, with such
a program, you can always be in touch with your child.
Kids like the app because it has a pedometer.
My Kids : GPS Locator kids GPS tracker app to know where my kids are, convenient to
use and interact with kids.

About this version (2.2.5)

In the new version - improvements and new functions await you: NOW MORE ACCURATE - We have improved the quality of coordinate updates, improved coordinate filters. FIXED TELEPHONE CONNECTION ERRORS - We have updated the algorithms for connecting phones as children's devices. Now phones will connect quickly and without errors! We sincerely hope you enjoy the new version. For all questions and comments, please write to the CHAT with technical support in the application.

Other versions

2.2.3 released on 25 October 2020 (945 days ago)
2.2.2 released on 11 October 2020 (959 days ago)
2.2.1 released on 03 May 2020 (1120 days ago)

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My Kids : GPS Locator
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