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Stay Hydrated

Simple but yet Powerful

 Stay Hydrated
 Stay Hydrated  Stay Hydrated  Stay Hydrated  Stay Hydrated  Stay Hydrated  Stay Hydrated  Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated simple but yet powerful app that helps you to drink enough water and other beverages every day and turns your phone into a simple step counter.

Put your phone in your pocket and it will help you to reach your daily goals.


• Water tracker
• Steps tracker
• The choice between 10 different beverages
• Uses hydration index for each drink
• Beautiful and intuitive design
• Google Fit integration
• Detailed statistics for your water and steps progress
• Customizable drink reminders (Notifications)
• Friends support
• No extra hardware required
• Daily goals


• Beautiful weekly monthly and yearly charts
• Share your progress with your friends.
• Set your daily goals customize them and cup by cup step by step reach them all.
• Quick statistics of your daily steps & distance walked.
• Display your step count together with water tracker.
• Receive encouraging drink reminders


• Visualise data from your Google Fit account. Stay Hydrated app automatically merges data from your Google Fit and calculates walked distance using your step length.

Stay Hydrated app evolved from simple water tracker to beautiful activity tracker.
Keep fit and hydrated!

StayHydrated Privacy Policy

About this version (2.0.0)

With a new app version you receive huge amount of changes! - Completely changed user interface - From now on you can track not only your water intakes, but also your steps - You can share your progress with your best friends. - You also receive an opportunity to migrate this application to any other device. We have also updated privacy policy, take your time to review it.

Other versions

1.2.2 released on 04 May 2019 (575 days ago)

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 Stay Hydrated
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