Stats for Dota 2

Stats for Dota 2

A handy way to keep track of Dota 2 statistics!

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Stats for Dota 2
Stats for Dota 2 Stats for Dota 2 Stats for Dota 2 Stats for Dota 2 Stats for Dota 2 Stats for Dota 2 Stats for Dota 2 Stats for Dota 2

Stats for Dota 2 is an easy way to keep up to date with you and your friends' Dota 2 match history! Some features include:

- Full match history for any player, saved locally on your phone.
- Customizable filters that make it easy to compare performance with different hero and item combinations.
- At a glance, see what your favorite and most successful heroes and items are.
- Win rates and KDA, along with many more statistics and records, for every hero and item.
- View a match summary and see the item and player of the game.
- Stats for Dota 2 is reliable, fast, and free.
- No ads!

Required Permissions:
Internet, Full Network Access - Needed to fetch match data from the internet.
Install Shortcuts - Needed to allow the user to create a customized shortcut with their Dota 2 Friend.
Identity, Location, Accounts, Network Connections, USB Storage - Required by Google Analytics (which is used for crash reporting).

About this version (0.9.2)

0.9.2 -Fixed two crashes. 0.9.1 -Fixed a crash. 0.9.0 -Added neutral item support in match summary and stat calculations. -Added Void Spirit friend! -Added additional friend images. -Shortcuts created on player profile pages will use the player's profile image.

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Updated: 08 February 2021 (1033 days ago)
Released: 25 February 2015
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Stats for Dota 2
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