Startrip - See your bias's places

Startrip - See your bias's places

Everything you want to know about Hallyu locations. ( Kpop, Kdrama, KTV )

Startrip - See your bias's places
Startrip - See your bias's places Startrip - See your bias's places Startrip - See your bias's places Startrip - See your bias's places Startrip - See your bias's places

● Hallyu place info curated for you with Startrip
● See restaurants and cafés that Hallyu stars frequently visit find that place a Hallyu star uploaded to Twitter Hallyu dramas Korean entertainment filming locations all right in your hand.

👉Are you curious about the places that Hallyu stars like?
● That place mentioned by BTS and on Run BTS!
● That place you saw on Blackpink V LIVE
● That place you saw on BTS RM’s Twitter
● That place to go on EXO’s Duckjil Tour
● My most favorite cupholder tour location

👉Do you watch Hallyu dramas and wonder where they filmed them?
● The now super popular Hotel del Luna - see where it was actually filmed
● The Guardian(Goblin) the place where Gong Yoo and Kim Go-eun had their first kiss
● Memorable places from My Love from the Star

👉Now people are lining up in Korea to eat at this place that featured on this program. Koreans just love the way it tastes. Wouldn’t you like to give it a try on a visit here?
● BBQ place that Delicious Guys just loved eating at
● Baek Jong-won's Alley Restaurant all the places that aired on TV starting from Episode
● Updated all the time!

🚩Use Startrip and get tips tips tips!
● Use a pin to save places you’re interested in on My Pins!
● Check the places you can visit from where you’re at now with map categories!
● Visit the place and sit in the exact seat your very favorite was sitting at.
● Those restaurants from Delicious Guys and Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant are delicious and recognized places. Be sure to check them out if you’re nearby.
● Is there a place you’ve seen but can’t quite find? Use the search bar on the top of the main page!
● Each place has a lot of attached tags. Click on the tag you’re interested in to get recommendations to all the other places with similar ones!

🤗Here’s who we are
● We noticed that over 80% of visitors to Korea only go to Myeong-dong Itaewon and Hongdae.
● The thing is though Koreans don’t really visit Myeong-dong Itaewon and Hongdae that much.
● We’d like you to experience and feel the real Korea instead.
● That’s what we’re here for at Startrip. We introduce and curate more so you can get the feel for a variety of Korean places and get a special Hallyu experience here.

💥For those coming to Korea for a visit
● Duckjil tours and cupholder tours where you find the exact place where your favorite visited are really popular in Korea now.
● The problem is though that it’s hard to find the information online in anything but Korean.
● But don’t despair because Startrip has put together a translation service just for people like you.
● So if you’re thinking about visiting Korea or are already here how about giving Startrip a try?
● Drop some pins and put a your travel plan together. Doing that lets you have a much easier travel experience than using a travel agency or just winging it on your own searching on the Internet.

[Curious about Startrip❓]
● 🏠
● 💌
● 👍
● 💡https//
● In-app request function

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