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Make your phone yours! Get the news you care about right from the opening screen

Start GO
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Designed for Android GO devices, Start GO gives you all the news and videos that matter to you, without ever having to scroll through another menu again.

Start GO is jam-packed with great features:

✔ Start Magazine - your one destination for all content in a variety of topics: news, sports, entertainment, business, technology and the newest viral videos.
✔ HUGE Wallpaper Gallery - choose from a large variety of free wallpapers and backgrounds and make your phone truly yours.
✔ Music Player - listen to your music, organize it the way you like and create playlists for every mood.
✔ Weather - easily get all weather updates in your location.
✔ Selfie - taking Selfies has never been easier. Take a selfie picture from the Quick Setting Starter.
✔ Smart Search - search for apps and contacts on your device and search the web right from your opening screen.
✔ Social Networks - all your friends are right here in one screen.
✔ Notifications Manager - with Start, your important notifications are always in front of you.

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Start GO is intended for individuals 18 years of age or older.

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Multiple bug fixes.

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