StarField - Gyroscope Live Wallpaper

StarField - Gyroscope Live Wallpaper

3D StarField Effect 3D Parallax Live Wallpaper

StarField - Gyroscope Live Wallpaper
StarField - Gyroscope Live Wallpaper StarField - Gyroscope Live Wallpaper StarField - Gyroscope Live Wallpaper

Introducing the Gyro StarField live wallpaper - zoom through hyperspace from your Android homescreen!

Gyro StarField puts the galaxy just a double-tap away! This immersive and beautiful experience will leave you breathless as the universe cascades and flutters around you - leaving a trail of light shimmering and sparkling towards you.

It’s an experience not to miss! Download Gyro StarField and set it as your wallpaper - the effect is astonishing and undeniably beautiful.

Watch as stars shoot past your apps, widgets and icons in a futuristic way - and when you move, the StarField effect will follow with Gyroscope support!

Gyro StarField will look smooth, fluid and absolutely incredible on your homescreen and lockscreen - so jump into Hyperspace today and bring the magic of space to your fingertips!

Gyro StarField features two modes, passive mode and active mode. Just double-tap to switch between them. Passive mode features a gentle, slow acceleration whilst active mode is fast and similar to warp drive in Star Wars or Star Trek. Show off to your friends and demonstrate the power of your phone.

Gyro StarField - the futuristic homescreen and lockscreen live wallpaper.

- The best way to add a touch of the universe to your device.
- Active and passive modes - double-tap to switch between them!
- Gyroscope support.
- Futuristic, modern and beautiful.

This app is expandable via in-app purchases.


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StarField - Gyroscope Live Wallpaper
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