ST BLE Sensor

ST BLE Sensor

ST BLE Sensor application allow you to access to all the sensors data

 ST BLE Sensor
 ST BLE Sensor  ST BLE Sensor  ST BLE Sensor  ST BLE Sensor  ST BLE Sensor  ST BLE Sensor  ST BLE Sensor  ST BLE Sensor  ST BLE Sensor  ST BLE Sensor  ST BLE Sensor

The ST BLE Sensor (previously known as ST BlueMS) application is used in conjunction with an ST development board and firmware compatible with the BlueST protocol to give you access to all the sensor data which you can log to different cloud providers and to update the board firmware directly from a mobile device via the Bluetooth® Low Energy protocol.
As an example FP-SNS-MOTENV1 expansion software package for STM32Cube lets you read and display real-time inertial (e.g. motion MEMS) and environmental (e.g. humidity pressure temperature) sensor data. The application also supports firmware library algorithms like motion-sensor data fusion activity recognition and pedometer functionality.
The application is also compatible with the FP-SNS-ALLMEMS1 and FP-SNS-FLIGHT1 expansion software packages.
The application is built on top of the BlueST SDK library implementing the BlueST protocol and helps you export the data easily via Bluetooth® Low Energy.
Both SDK and application source code are freely available at https//

About this version (4.7.2)

- Fixed Portrait/Landscape UI problem for AzureIoT Cloud, IBM Watson IoT Quickstart Cloud and Firmware Update demos - Fixed wrong .ucf file parsing for HighSpeed Data Log demo - Added the capability to send the Wi-Fi Credentials to the node

Other versions

4.7.1 released on 04 August 2020 (46 days ago)
4.7.0 released on 11 June 2020 (100 days ago)
4.6.4 released on 15 March 2020 (188 days ago)

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Size: 21 MB
Version: 4.7.2 by STMicroelectronics NV
Updated: 03 September 2020 (16 days ago)
Released: 13 May 2015
Installations: more than 10 000
 ST BLE Sensor
5 Stars: 53
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