Springs v3

Springs v3

Springs is a synthetizer based on physics principles

Springs v3
Springs v3 Springs v3 Springs v3 Springs v3 Springs v3 Springs v3 Springs v3 Springs v3 Springs v3

This application is a unique mutli-touch music instrument to make drone sounds.

Springs relies on a spring simulation controlling a bank of oscillators : 8 springs are available each one adjusting the volume of a tuned oscillator.

You can adjust some parameters of the spring simulation to alterate the way springs move and thus the sound produced by the app.

This application is built with free open source software such as Processing (graphics and interaction) and Pure-Data (sound).

If you are willing to use it as real instrument in a performance and you lack some features : drop me an email !

This app was developped with the support of Stereolux (http://www.stereolux.org/)

- Mutli-touch enables you to leave a note at a precise point on the screen : move a spring then move your finger outside the circle before releasing it. The sping will be anchored to that position, tap it to release it.
- one menu with sliders to control effects and spring simulation.
- one menu with buttons to adjust base note and scale to be able to tune your instrument.
- accelerometer use to control the slide's length beetween harmonic combinations.

The app is designer to be used with a headset or a decent pair of speakers, making it louder on the built-in speakers would mean to compress the sound and thus crush the dynamics making the sound less precise.

The code is available here : https://github.com/b2renger/Springs

That being said : have fun !


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Springs v3
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