Spot the difference: Relax game by find difference

Spot the difference: Relax game by find difference

Spot all difference between 2 pictures to win! Great relaxing game for you.

Spot the difference: Relax game by find difference
Spot the difference: Relax game by find difference Spot the difference: Relax game by find difference Spot the difference: Relax game by find difference Spot the difference: Relax game by find difference Spot the difference: Relax game by find difference

I have created a relaxing game puzzle that is both easy and challenging. Whenever you need to relax or improve your brain's ability to focus. Let's play “Spot the difference”, always updated with more levels.
The mechanics of the this game are very simple: You have to find the difference between two pictures puzzles that look very similar within a limited time. It can be the change of color, the arrangement of object or some element that can be hidden or added. It look like a easy game online, but not everyone can win on the first play. Are you ready to conquer this challenge?

Spot the difference’s feature:
When two images appear, if you find a difference, just click on them. The differences in picture when detected will be circled, and if you are wrong, the screen will show an X. Rest assured that you will be helped every time you have difficulty in the play process. So don't worry too much. After finding enough hidden objects, you will be moved to another more challenge level.

Spot the differences has over 100 levels, and according to each level, the difficulty in the game will also increase gradually. The difficulty will depend on the size of the photo and the amount of different details in each level. Unlike the usual puzzle games, every day, Find The Differences will give gamers 7 more daily challenges. Players are never afraid of boredom because every day will be a new challenge for you!

Playing to spot the difference between two pictures puzzles is most afraid of having to look at images with low definition, annoying colors. Because it will be very harmful to your eyes. I understands this player's desire, so 100% of the photo are high sharp, clear, harmonious colors, and do not cause eyestrain for players. It's a healthy and balanced game, isn't it?

Spot The Differences is a game that helps develop judgment skills, agility and concentration, which is very suitable for entertainment in free time. What's better than playing games and exercising your mind at the same time, right? If you want to kill time on long trips or boring breaks, this game is a great choice!

🔍SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES: kid & adult.
With vivid, healthy picture and quite easy gameplay, Spot the differences is a game puzzle suitable for almost ages. How happy it will be when parents and children together overcome the challenges of find the differences in image after stressful working and studying hours. And it will certainly be interesting if a group of friends "race to the top" of this game with a clear reward and punishment mode. Having relax still helps with brain activity is great!

Extremely convenient for you because this game does not require any Internet connection. So, you just need to download this game! And you've got a game for relaxing whenever, wherever you want. Not need an Internet connection, this game does not drain the battery or consume the user's space. Moreover, it's COMPLETELY FREE, so it's completely understandable that Spot The Differences is always at the top of downloaded relaxing game!
Many levels and interesting things of Spot the differences are waiting for you to conquer every day!
Both relaxing and challenging. Easy and hard. Can you find the difference hidden & spot all them to win? Lets play…💪💪💪
Easy game to relax – Easy to take your mind off worries!


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Spot the difference: Relax game by find difference
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