Spello - English Word Games

Spello - English Word Games

Lets Play and Learn English vocabulary with Spello - English Spelling Games.

Spello - English Word Games
Spello - English Word Games Spello - English Word Games Spello - English Word Games Spello - English Word Games Spello - English Word Games Spello - English Word Games Spello - English Word Games Spello - English Word Games Spello - English Word Games Spello - English Word Games Spello - English Word Games Spello - English Word Games

Spello - English Spelling Games Provides an ultimate English Spelling quiz environment for children’s and parents to learn English words, grammar, acronyms. Spello provides an amazing portion for students to solve riddles and move to next levels. It will help Students to learn English vocabulary and Words. It will Also improve your pronunciation of English words.

Spello English Spelling Games also very helpful to those teenager students, who are learning English Speaking, English Grammar and English words. This English spelling game will make the learning process fast and easy. Spello help to improve English pronunciation. It is a best kids spelling game.

English Spelling Games like Spello can be also very helpful in preparing competitive exams and civil service exams like UPSC, IAS, MBA, BBA, HSC, SSC, GATE, CAT, CET, IPS AIEEE, SAT, MCAT, LSAT, GMAT, GRE, NTS, OTS, BANK'S recruitment, Railway's Exams, IELTS and TOEFL etc. These tests are designed in MCQ’s (Multiple choice questions) style. Lets do Spelling practice improve your English vocablory.

Spelling games for kids, students and parents will help to Increase your GK (General knowledge) of English spelling and english riddles, so it will improve your English to solve Words Quiz, Word Puzzles, Guess the Word like Word Games. Lets solve English riddles and making Word connect to make proper word and learn.

Free word games and spelling games will encourage kids and students to attend quizzes to evaluate themselves and it enhance children’s knowledge and encourage students to learn more by playing English Spelling Games and spelling apps. Most Favourite Quiz app for children and students.

* Select the favourite portion to play game in which you want to make improvements in your self.
* Unblock more level with your achievements.
* Solve more than Thousand different levels and make record score.
* Play and Learn English Spelling, Improve vocabulary and pronunciation.
* Make English Riddles and Solve Quizzes for English Tests
* Learn English Grammar rules by playing Spelling Games
* Solve English riddles and quizzes in specific time frame.

Spello - English Spelling Games Features:

* Spell-o-Spoken (4500 Word Games)
Listen to the spoken word and enter it's Correct Spelling and improve your pronunciation with Dictation Game.

* Spell-o-Pic (668 Word Games)
Guess the Correct Spelling of the Picture shown!

* Odd-o-Out (530 Word Games)
Find the Odd word from the set of words!

* Spell-o-One (280 Word Games)
Guess One Word Substitution for the given Phrases!

* Spell-o-Riddle (240 Word Games)
Solve the English riddles and enter it's Correct Spelling!

* Spell-o-Quiz (1330 Word Games)
English Spelling Quiz, Find the Correct Spelling with Quiz App!

* Fill-o-Blanks (1900 Word Games)
Fill in the blanks with Correct Grammar Form and improve your English gammar with Spello!

* Acr-o-Nyms (160 Word Games)
Guess the Correct Full Form of given Acronym!

* Spell-o-Gram (820 Word Games)
Play English Grammar Games and learn English Grammar rule with English Spelling Games!

* Attractive User Interface for All ages peoples.

Note: Thousands of Different Word game levels are available. You have to solve basic levels to reach high levels of English learning Game App.


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