Speaking Sophisticated German

Speaking Sophisticated German

Improve your expression & write more sophisticated texts

Speaking Sophisticated German
Speaking Sophisticated German Speaking Sophisticated German Speaking Sophisticated German Speaking Sophisticated German Speaking Sophisticated German Speaking Sophisticated German Speaking Sophisticated German Speaking Sophisticated German

Sophisticated German Speaking - the best way to improve your expression and write more sophisticated texts easily and free of charge.

✔ Improve your expression & Write more sophisticated texts

✔ Explore German proverbs & idioms

✔ Play the quiz & save the words in your own lists

suitable for all age groups and language levels
- Suitable for all those who want to bring their language skills to a higher level whether they are Germanists high school graduates students pupils or anyone else interested

- This vocabulary goes beyond language level C1

✔ Many sophisticated German words with pronunciation aids meanings and examples

✔ More than 3600 proverbs and sayings with explanations that can be unlocked cheaply

✔ An inexpensive pro version with over 1200 words + favorites and own word lists + removal of advertising

✔ Quiz to learn vocabulary in a playful way

✔ Clearly structured flashcards that allow a structured learning experience

✔ Vocabulary trainer with which you can systematically practice the words

✔ Modern dictionaries with upscale words and German proverbs & idioms

✔ Advanced German speaking is getting better all the time!

✔ The content is also available as modern dictionaries "Gehobenes Deutsch Sprechen" and "Deutsche Sprichwörter & Redewendungen" at a reasonable price.

1. With this app you can expand your vocabulary and teach more advanced German words through a quiz flashcards searches and good tips. It also lets you recite difficult words and if necessary do further research in Google.

2. you can also find synonyms for words in order to enhance the language value of the texts you have written e.g. bachelor doctor or master thesis.

3. also useful if you want to write songs poems etc. or be otherwise lyrically active.

4. a vocabulary trainer helps you to practice the words you have learned.

5. More than 3600 proverbs and idioms with descriptions can be searched and learned.

6. suitable proverbs are also offered for reading and giving away for a fair price.

- My software is known from the Deutsches Ärzteblatt Sprachnachrichten Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung Heidelberger Unispiegel Radio ZuSa and the Zentrum für Telematik und Telemedizin.

It is also worth exploring my other free apps in the field of medicine and languages!

Developer and author Vincent Landré
Feedback to official.inmedco@gmail.com
Website www.gehobenesdeutsch.de
Facebook www.facebook.com/GehobenesDeutschSprechen

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Write better German texts and improve your eloquence in the German language for free.

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Speaking Sophisticated German
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