Spam Radar - Active Protection

Spam Radar - Active Protection

Get rid of aggressive advertisements.

Spam Radar - Active Protection
Spam Radar - Active Protection Spam Radar - Active Protection Spam Radar - Active Protection Spam Radar - Active Protection

Thank you for choosing Spam Radar.

What is Spam Radar?
Spam and annoying ads are increasing by the day. We sort of got used to living with them but do we really have to? We are on a mission to get rid of aggressive advertising forever.

Our data is been sold without permission. Advertisers bombarding our mobiles with silly (At times risky) adverts while draining our battery and there is nothing we can do about it. Until now.

This is where Spam Radar comes in.
We provide you with a tool that puts you back in the driving seat. Spam Radar auto blocks all misleading and annoying ads making sure that browsing the internet is safe and seamless.

We are fighting on your behalf against unethical and aggressive advertisers. These days it important even more so when our kids play with our phones and are exposed to everything we do not wish them to see.

Join us on our journey to stop abusive advertisers and claim back what’s ours. A distraction-free safe internet.

Getting started with Spam Radar
We made it extremely simple to get your running.

A. Install Spam Radar
B. Follow the on-screen instructions
C. Click the big shield (Clear your existing notifications) and that’s it. You won't get any more of them!

Now their spam is on your radar!


About this version (1.0.1)

Thank you Beta testers for your continuous support. As per your requests we've added 5 additional languages. We now support EN/RU/ZH/ES/FR/DE/IT. Stay tuned as we add more.

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Spam Radar - Active Protection
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