Songs for Kids

Songs for Kids

Songs for children learning English - 50 wonderful songs to play on your device!

Songs for Kids
Songs for Kids Songs for Kids Songs for Kids Songs for Kids Songs for Kids Songs for Kids Songs for Kids Songs for Kids

50 songs for kids to learn English - all on your phone or tablet!

Songs for Kids is a fantastic educational tool for teaching English to kids. Play 50 different songs straight from the app. All of the songs cover different themes and makes learning English fun and easy. The songs are child-friendly and all kids love singing along.

Also included in the app are the lyrics for each song and song posters.

This app is easy to use and loads very quickly. For more information visit http//

- 50 songs specially written for children learning English.
- All songs are fun and lively with great melodies - very child-friendly.
- Some songs are well-known classics (e.g. Old MacDonald Head Shoulders Knees & Toes If You're Happy & You Know It) and others are original songs written by professional children's music composers.
- Songs are sung by male and female singers.
- Each song comes with lyrics song notes and a song poster graphic.
- Songs can be played individually as well as in shuffle mode.
- Help screens and full support available.

Here are the songs (with theme)
1. The Hello Song (greetings and saying hello)
2. The ABC Song (alphabet)
3. The Numbers Song (numbers 1-10)
4. Head Shoulders Knees & Toes (parts of the body)
5. The Rainbow Song (colors)
6. The Weather Song (weather)
7. Old MacDonald (farm animals)
8. What Can You Do? (ability and actions)
9. The Feelings Song (emotions)
10. The Goodbye Song (saying goodbye)
11. The Days of the Week Song
12. Months March
13. How Did You Get Here Today? (travel and transport)
14. Mr. Shape Head (shapes)
15. Let's Go to the Zoo (zoo animals)
16. What Fruit Do You Like? (fruit)
17. Where are my Things? (prepositions of location)
18. Morning Routines Song (morning routine verbs)
19. If You're Happy & You Know It
20. The Directions Song (movement)
21. What Time is it? (telling the time)
22. What's Wrong? What's the Matter? (illnesses)
23. The Wheels on the Bus
24. Numbers 1-20 Song
25. Happy Halloween
26. One Little Two Little Three Little Witches (Halloween song)
27. The Thanksgiving Song
28. We Wish You a Merry Christmas (Adapted)
29. Jingle Bells (Adapted)
30. The Easter Song
31. I Don't Like Cheese (likes & Dislikes)
32. Let's Get Dressed (clothes)
33. Where are you Going? (places in your town)
34. The Family Song (family members)
35. What Sports do you Play? (sports)
36. Mr. Farmer's Vegetables (vegetables)
37. Let's Look at the Animals (adjectives)
38. What are you Doing? (actions)
39. Who is Happy? (pronouns)
40. The Seasons Song
41. What's in your Bag? (school stationery)
42. Do you have any Pets?
43. Where Do You Live? (places people and animals live)
44. The Nature Song (land sky and sea)
45. What do you do? (jobs)
46. Yesterday was a Great Day! (regular verbs)
47. What did you do Yesterday? (irregular verbs)
48. Past Irregular Verbs Song
49. Describe Your Friend (adjectives)
50. Let's Have Some Fun! (adverbs)

This app is free to download as a trial which includes all of the functionality of the full app but provides short samples of the songs. If you like the app you can unlock the the full-length songs in one of two ways

1. Purchase the full app on Google Play store - on the app Home screen tap "Upgrade to Full Version". The cost is €9.90 per year (approx. US$13 UK£8.50 JP¥1300).

2. Become a member of ESL KidStuff - our members can upgrade to the full version for free. Membership is US$29 per year and includes access to printable flashcards worksheets craft sheets lesson plans song downloads and classroom readers. More details here http//

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