Song Association

Song Association

Grab your friends and challenge each other to match the word to a song lyric!

Song Association
Song Association Song Association Song Association Song Association Song Association Song Association

In a group feel free to pair up and take turns to find out who can get the highest score - or just play in a group!

If you're in control - swipe right if they've successfully sung a lyric containing the word! Otherwise, the timer will run out and move on. You can always swipe left if you just can't get a word to skip it. It's up to you if a song counts - is "lover" allowed if the word is "love"? You decide!

Can't finish the lyric in time? Hold down your finger to pause the timer if you're close.

This is the first release of Song Association so your feedback is appreciated - either here or on twitter! Have any suggestions for a new Category or words that are missing? Let me know!

Challenge yourself or each other to maximize your score! Can you get 15 out of 15 right?

About this version (1.22)

New in 1.2: Based on user feedback, some new game options have been added! - You can now choose if the game automatically moves to the next word or awaits your input. This is good if you like talking about the last word! - You can now choose if holding your finger down stops the timer at zero, or just stops the timer at the current countdown. Some minor bug fixes to the UI animation and Shuffle deck menu. Fixed a bug in the win screen not displaying text properly.

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Song Association
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