Sonar Smash

Sonar Smash

A super cute fast paced shoot 'em up featuring a lovable dolphin protagonist.

Sonar Smash
Sonar Smash Sonar Smash Sonar Smash Sonar Smash Sonar Smash Sonar Smash Sonar Smash Sonar Smash

Smash your way through endlessly scaling waves of adorable sea creatures using unique and powerful sonar abilities.

Collect rings to unlock sonar powers, refill hearts, and purchase stat upgrades at the randomly occurring vendor. Obtain boosts and relics from high scores, daily chests, and for in-game achievements to enhance your next voyage.

Slide your finger along the bottom of the screen to move the Dolphin. Tap anywhere while sliding or in the top portion of the screen to fire your base Sonar Shot. Press your Sonar Energy Bar to fire your currently equipped Sonar Ability. If you have trouble with the default Touch Control system we encourage you to try Arrow Controls or Tilt Controls via the in-game options menu.

Sonar Smash is a free app with intermittent ads. The singular $2.99 USD in-app purchase removes all ads, info splash screens, enables offline gameplay, and unlocks an exclusive Green Dolphin skin. The Pink Dolphin skin is now available to those achieving a score of 8000; secure your place on top of the Google Play leaderboard!

Key Features:

-- Ten Adorable but Deadly Enemy Types
-- Retro Themed Juicy Pixel Art Animations
-- Seven Unique and Powerful Sonar Abilities
-- Original Grooves by Abstraction Music
-- Three Formidable Ancient Relics
-- Stat Upgrades and Random Power-up Buffs
-- Google Play Services Leaderboards and Achievements

Thanks for checking out Sonar Smash! If you have any questions, feedback, or concerns don't hesitate to leave us a review here or contact us on Discord.

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Pixel Pajama Studios


About this version (1.1.2)

-- Hotfix for a Purchase Screen related text display bug o/

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Version: 1.1.2 by Pixel Pajama Studios
Updated: 04 June 2020 (1095 days ago)
Released: 07 April 2020
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Sonar Smash
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