The latest version is designed to be easier on the eyes

Solitaire Solitaire Solitaire Solitaire Solitaire Solitaire

The solitaire app is designed to be easier on your eyes. With big solitaire cards with large fonts you will have wished this is the solitaire version you have always been playing.

Do you love solitaire? Have you always wanted the best solitaire out there? Has your old solitaire version been letting you down? It’s time to get this version of solitaire and see what you have been missing.

This solitaire app is the latest available solitaire with just what you need. The solitaire game is also known as klondike and patience. Train your brain with a daily dose of solitaire! This modern take on a classic solitaire card game will keep you sharp. Simple solitaire and intuitive solitaire gameplay with a minimalistic solitaire design so that nothing gets between you and the game of solitaire.

Features of the solitaire app:

-Draw 1 card solitaire games
-Draw 3 cards solitaire games
-Easy to read solitaire cards
-Intuitive tap solitaire to play
-Intelligent auto-complete
-Right or left handed solitaire layout
-Auto-save, so you never lose your solitaire progress
-Unlimited undo in case you make a solitaire mistake
-solitaire statistics

How to win a solitaire game:

In solitaire you move all 52 cards up to the four foundations in sequential order, Ace to King, for each suit. That is how you win a game of solitaire.

What are the rules in solitaire?

In solitaire there are 7 Tableau columns with the last card of each face-up on the solitaire board. Any solitaire face-up card can be moved onto another solitaire card on the Tableaus if it is in descending order of alternating colors, e.g. 8 of Hearts on a 9 of clubs or Jack of spades on Q of Diamonds. In solitaire you can also move multiple cards at a time if they are already in descending order of alternating colors. In addition to using cards from the Tableaus, you can also play cards out of the Stock/Deck in solitaire. You can choose (in the solitaire settings) if you would like to pull 3 cards or 1 card at a time from the Stock in solitaire. When a Tableau column is completely empty, the available space can be filled with a King. As they become available, cards from Ace to King can be moved from the Stock or the Tableaus to the Foundations. Are you ready to play solitaire now?

What are people saying about our solitaire?

solitaire player – November 10, 2021
I love the bold color screen and the display of the game is even more easy. Who ever thought of this particular game should get 10 stars.

solitaire player - January 6, 2022
Like real solitaire! Doesn't have "cheating" moves to ensure win like many of these games do. Love it!

solitaire player - April 8, 2021
I've been playing solitaire for many years its relaxing and challenging at the same will always be one of my favorite past time game..I definitely like this updated version very easy on my eyes I'm a senior..and my eye sight isn't as good keep up the good work..I'll always enjoy your games!!

solitaire player - June 15, 2020
A Great Classic Game of Solitaire, it keeps me occupied whenever I'm bored! I love that it has no ads whatsoever, so when I play I'm not annoyed by any annoying pop-up! Great App!

solitaire player - May 10, 2021
Excellent Solitaire Game. Game allows you to win if you can think, although it isn't easy. Great game construction

solitaire player - June 6, 2020
Just Solitaire!!!! Exactly what you want when you want to play solitaire, no interruptions just the game.

solitaire player - June 25, 2020
I love this game. Because I have gone through various episodes in my life and Solitaire has been a life saver

Thank you to all our solitaire players out there! We hope you love this solitaire app. If we can make solitaire any better please let us know how solitaire could get better. We love solitaire and we hope you think this is the best way to play solitaire.

That was a long read about solitaire now go relax and win a game of solitaire today.

About this version (2.2)

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Other versions

2.1 released on 11 February 2022 (664 days ago)
1.5 released on 19 January 2022 (687 days ago)
1.4 released on 03 November 2021 (764 days ago)
1.35 released on 20 January 2021 (1051 days ago)
1.34 released on 02 December 2020 (1100 days ago)
1.33 released on 17 November 2020 (1115 days ago)
1.31 released on 28 August 2020 (1196 days ago)

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Released: 30 May 2019
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