Solitaire Tripeaks

Solitaire Tripeaks

Solitaire Tripeaks
Solitaire Tripeaks Solitaire Tripeaks Solitaire Tripeaks Solitaire Tripeaks Solitaire Tripeaks

This is a SOLITAIRE tripeaks card game applicable to Any Ages, if you like card games, the game brings you endless fun, challenges and is completely FREE!

Let me show you our Classic Solitaire Game now!

> Easy and Fun, you will pick up quick!
> Big and easy to read cards
> Hundreds of fantastic levels – with more on the way!
> Daily quests, events, activity, challenges!
> Fun trap cards to make the game more challenging.
> Play Solitaire TriPeaks & win extra coins.
> Journey island, unlock new adventures.
>Play anywhere and anytime.
> Pleasant island views.
> suitable for all ages.
+And so much more..

Fun & Addictive Challenges
Win fast ! With over hundreds of levels to blitz your way through-there's no limit to the adventures waiting for you.

Wild Card
Need help in our card games? Our wild card system will help you become king of solitaire in no time. Be sure to keep an adequate stock of these cards handy for the moment you get bogged down, because you never know when you need them the most.

Featured Designs
Our game is the most easy-to-play with clean and intuitive designs, so you can carry out your adventure smoothly.

How to play
Never played Solitaire or any card games before? No worries. Tripeaks Solitaire is Easy to play! Just complete the first few levels and you'll learn how to play! It's a casual, entertaining free card game for everyone to enjoy! What are you waiting for? Download it now!

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Other versions

1.1.2 released on 08 June 2021 (48 days ago)
1.1.0 released on 24 May 2021 (63 days ago)
1.0.44 released on 19 April 2021 (98 days ago)
1.0.41 released on 14 September 2020 (315 days ago)
1.0.36 released on 08 August 2020 (352 days ago)
1.0.34 released on 25 July 2020 (366 days ago)
1.0.32 released on 20 July 2020 (371 days ago)
1.0.31 released on 15 July 2020 (376 days ago)
1.0.25 released on 04 July 2020 (387 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 49 MB
Version: by Mint Games
Updated: 23 June 2021 (33 days ago)
Released: 15 February 2020
Installations: more than 100 000
Solitaire Tripeaks
5 Stars: 4667
4 Stars: 658
3 Stars: 104
2 Stars: 95
1 Star: 114

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