Riddle Road

Riddle Road

A perfect match of twisty adventures and challenging puzzles

Riddle Road
Riddle Road Riddle Road Riddle Road Riddle Road Riddle Road Riddle Road Riddle Road Riddle Road Riddle Road Riddle Road Riddle Road Riddle Road Riddle Road Riddle Road Riddle Road

Young journalist Abigail Fletcher is about to go on a huge adventure! 🧳Numerous locations📍, tricky mysteries🦄, exciting stories of a small American town Oldbridge🏘, challenging puzzles🧩, and new acquaintances 🙋‍♀️ - this is basically everything one could ask for!
Join Abbie and uncover all of her family secrets, teach the villains en route a lesson or two, and follow closely all the plot twists! 📖

Key features:
🔸 Spectacular locations, magnetic characters, and loads of challenging tasks! You are about to fix the old lighthouse, restore an abandoned factory, solve the mystery of an old locomotive and what not!
🔸 Enjoy mini-games to your own taste! Hidden objects, find differences, and many other types of puzzles - that’s exactly what you need for a perfect break! You are certainly up to the challenge!
🔸 Addictive solitaire levels with diverse mechanics - play one card up or one card down from your draw pile and you are all set for success!
🔸 Don’t forget about powerful boosters that will make any tricky solitaire level a piece of cake! Clear the puzzle board with a few taps? Easy!

Abbie can’t wait for you to join her on the adventure, solve all sorts of mysteries, and crack puzzles and solitaire levels on the way! Start your quest to become a true detective and a solitaire pro!


About this version (0.22)

Exciting adventures and new challenges! We've got loads of interesting things for you in this update! • New location: Weather Station. Solve the mystery of the weather anomaly and help Abbie get out of Foggy Island! • New levels. Enjoy more than 140 new solitaire levels! • New game mechanics: Jackpot. Beat the level to get extra coins from the Jackpot card. • Bug fixes and various improvements.

Other versions

0.21 released on 01 April 2022 (181 days ago)
0.20 released on 17 February 2022 (224 days ago)
0.19.1 released on 02 February 2022 (239 days ago)
0.18.1 released on 28 December 2021 (275 days ago)
0.17 released on 14 December 2021 (289 days ago)
0.16.1 released on 19 November 2021 (314 days ago)
0.16 released on 15 November 2021 (318 days ago)
0.15.1 released on 07 October 2021 (357 days ago)
0.14.1 released on 01 September 2021 (393 days ago)

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Version: 0.22 by VIZOR APPS LTD.
Updated: 04 May 2022 (148 days ago)
Released: 01 September 2021
Installations: more than 100 000
Riddle Road
5 Stars: 14392
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