A reverse polish notation programmable scientific calculator.

Soft84 Soft84

The idea is to take the strengths of the HP48 calculator, and try to get the same capabilities but with a touch screen Android device instead. It is a little limited at the moment. Implemented features:
* arbitrary precision float (gmp/mpfr/mpc)
* good support for units
* RPN calculator
* basic scalar operations (sin/exp/etc)
* programmability (if you like FORTH or RPL)

Future features:
* vector/matrix math
* graphing
* base conversions

This is (hopefully) under heavy development so if you use it, let me know what you think. Also, let me know if you want access to my source repository.

About this version (0.10)

2013/11/25 Version 0.10: Fix crash in landscape mode. 2013/11/24 Version 0.09: Fix backspace/focus issues with Google Keyboard (IME). Shorten displayed variable names when clever. Long click on variable for value.

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Version: 0.10 by galexand
Updated: 16 December 2013 (3207 days ago)
Released: 28 November 2011
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