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Soap Calculator

Soap characteristics calculator for craftsmen. Prescription notebook.

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Soap Calculator
Soap Calculator Soap Calculator Soap Calculator Soap Calculator Soap Calculator Soap Calculator Soap Calculator Soap Calculator

The application is intended for masters making soap "from scratch".
A large number of materials allows you to almost unlimitedly combine components and get the finished product with a variety of characteristics (hardness, foaming, creaminess, etc.).

The following functionality is implemented in the application:
- Automatic calculation of the theoretical characteristics of soap depending on the composition and amount of incoming components.
- The ability to compose a recipe of 107 different basic components (oils, carboxylic acids, butters), combining them as you need;
- The ability to add to the recipe components of post-pollination that are not involved in the reaction (glycerin, isopropanol, sorbitol, etc.);
- Ability to choose the type and degree of purity of alkalis and the type of water;
- The ability to save recipes (indicating the date, name, comment, rating on its own quality scale) and subsequent download and, if necessary, change it;
- The ability to add photos to the recipe, for example, if you want to visually not forget what happened with this recipe, or at what stage something went wrong;
- The ability to specify your own number of components in the recipe, and not what the application offers in the theoretical specifications, for example, the application reports that you need 50 grams of water, but you accidentally added 55 grams; this value can be remembered in the graph of the actual quantity;
- The characteristics of the main components can be changed, for example, if you know for sure that the oils or acids that you have are available, require different proportions for saponification, or have other qualities of hardness, creaminess or other qualities. You can indicate this and the calculation formula will be adjusted automatically;
- Information on the availability of certain functions in the settings menu;
- Ability to create a backup copy of recipes on the drive of your device so that you can later restore them or transfer them to another device.
- Recalculation of the mass of ingredients for a given total weight
- Generator of recipes according to the given theoretical characteristics
- Added lactic acid (and its calculation in the saponification reaction). Important: The formula for calculating lactic acid affects the theoretical characteristics.
- Added sodium and potassium lactates, if you carry out the reaction of alkali and lactic acid separately from the saponification reaction and add ready-made lactate.
If you just need to calculate the amount of alkali per lactic acid, use a new recipe that contains only lactic acid.
- The functionality of forming orders for the main ingredients from suppliers. For this, Internet access is used. The overall internet traffic is expected to be extremely low. Beta version. Try placing orders for basic ingredients without leaving the soap calculator app. In the beta version of the ordering functionality, only affiliated suppliers are used. After beta testing is completed, vendors can be from various organizations, individual entrepreneurs and individuals. Be careful!
- Sending out promotions such as free opening of paid functionality, etc.

This application is free, does not contain active advertising and allows you to immediately use it to calculate recipes. You can also immediately evaluate its capabilities and understand whether it is suitable for you and whether it meets your criteria.

Some application features are paid, i.e. are paid content. The payment service is integrated with Google services and implemented according to its recommendations for developers.

Some paid features will eventually become free ones; Your choice is either to purchase them and use them now, or to wait for the release of the free version.

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