Snug Safety

Snug Safety

Snug is a daily check-in for people living alone.

Snug Safety
Snug Safety Snug Safety Snug Safety Snug Safety Snug Safety Snug Safety Snug Safety

**Now over 1,000,000 Check-ins and featured by AARP and Forbes**

If you live alone and want the reassurance of someone checking in, Snug is for you. It's a daily check-in for people living alone.

If you don't check in by your selected daily time, a Snug dispatcher will call to check on you. If you still don't respond, your emergency contacts will be alerted and then emergency services will be called for a wellness check.

If you have a fall or an emergency, you can use Snug to call your personal dispatcher (on dispatch plan).

Snug is a way for independent seniors to feel peace of mind. Think of it like a modern Medical Alert or Life Alert that is designed to be friendly, positive, and proactive.

Snug is popular with people who have medical concerns including diabetics, heart disease, stroke history, or epilepsy. A lot of people use it in combination with medication or pill reminders.


Snug has a free plan where emergency contacts are alerted if someone doesn't check in at their regular time.

There is also a dispatch plan, either $9.99/month or $99/year, where a personal dispatcher will call if someone misses their check in. If necessary, the dispatcher will coordinate a wellness check to the last known location.

You can call your dispatcher for help any time of the day if you have an emergency.

Life Alert is a registered trademark of Life Alert Emergency Response incorporated


About this version (1.1.5)

Hello! Just a few small bug fixes for the multiple check-in time feature. Stay tuned for more information!

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1.0.18 released on 19 January 2021 (490 days ago)
1.0.17 released on 09 November 2020 (561 days ago)
1.0.16 released on 18 September 2020 (613 days ago)
1.0.13 released on 28 August 2020 (634 days ago)

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