Snug - Explore Diverse Humans

Snug - Explore Diverse Humans

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Snug - Explore Diverse Humans
Snug - Explore Diverse Humans Snug - Explore Diverse Humans Snug - Explore Diverse Humans Snug - Explore Diverse Humans

Snug is a simple app which gives you access to all the people in this world.


Snug believes that as humans we grow; when we travel when we read when we eat diverse foods when we keep our minds open and indulge in diverse things.

Snug believes that meeting diverse humans opens our minds and helps in our growth. In our current social/professional structure we end up meeting people who are more or less similar to us. It becomes a virtual echo chamber. Instead meeting new people especially those different from yourself is an opportunity to grow as an individual.

Snug is an online place that enables access to these diverse people who have different life experiences than you. You can discover these people in the app.

How does it work?
The Snug app needs everyone who signs up to submit their videos.

These videos tell their story bring their personality out their talent out. They can tell their story in the way they like - singing dancing plain-talking demonstrating their craft anything. It just needs to be captivating. It needs to be interesting.

Inside the app you will discover people from all walks of life sharing their stories in their videos.

You can request to meet anyone for a coffee at a cafe near you. For someone remote you can request them to meet you over a 11 video call.

Also you may get requests from others for a meeting to hear from you.

Snug encourages zero hierarchy
Inside the app you will discover people from all walks of life sharing their stories in their videos.

It is a true peer to peer network. No blue tick. No influencers. All are equal.

Valuing everyone's time
You can request people for their time over a coffee or a video call. Members have the right to accept or reject the request.

Snug accordingly schedules coordinates and gathers feedback.

This is simply a request and not an assurance for the meeting.

Repeated declining of meet requests by the members will affect their ranking eventually leading them to be taken off the Snug App. This is how Snug ensures people keep an open mind and accept meeting requests.

The agenda and logistics of the meeting is decided by people meeting each other. Snug facilitates this.

While we do the profile checks for all members and not share any personal information within the members we leave it to the prudence of the members to do so if both are willing and decide to do so. It's their call. They can meet for as long as they want. Members need to be judicial about the decisions they make about sharing their contacts about whom to meet and where to meet. It's their sole decision and the app carries no liability towards the decision that they make.

Snug has guidelines for etiquette (courteous no solicitation no aggression no violating the personal space) safety and privacy. The members are advised to read the terms and follow them to ensure they stay a part of the app. Any violation will result into their removal from the app.

Snug may be misspelled as “Sung” or “The Sung” by some users.

If you have anything to report or have questions regarding your first experience please contact us at

To know more about us please visit our website https//

We are on a mission to make human beings social again and we hope you will join us in this mission.

Made in India with love from our beloved city Mumbai for all the people in this world looking to meet other people to explore their own self and what humanity has in store.

Please note
All user photos are used for illustrative purposes only they do not represent the people on Snug.
This is NOT an app for dating friendship hooking up professional networking or for any illegal human trafficking or solicitation reasons.

About this version (1.2.0)

The all new Snug is here! Simply download the app and request anyone for a meeting while being available for meeting anyone too. Inside the app, you will discover people from all walks of life sharing their stories in their videos.

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1.1.8 released on 15 September 2020 (702 days ago)

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Snug - Explore Diverse Humans
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