Snaappy - AR Social Network

Snaappy - AR Social Network

We have invented a new way for people to communicate and socialize based on AR.

Snaappy - AR Social Network
Snaappy - AR Social Network Snaappy - AR Social Network Snaappy - AR Social Network Snaappy - AR Social Network Snaappy - AR Social Network Snaappy - AR Social Network Snaappy - AR Social Network Snaappy - AR Social Network

Our technology will help you tell your unique story in an unforgettable way.

• AR VIDEO EDITOR: Create cool, short videos using Augmented Reality technology. Use huge libraries of 3D objects, 2D images, gifs, stickers and other types of content you can select from. Control everything in real time while recording the video to get unique results.

• PERSONALIZED VIDEO FEED: Scroll through tons of unique and cool videos the Snaappy community have created which were pre-selected just for you.

• GEO AR MESSAGES: Do you also think that location is important? Now you can create an AR message and hide it at a specific place. Your friends will have to visit the original location in order to see it.

• AUGMENTED REALITY MESSAGES: Create special 3D AR messages using Snaappy characters, images, videos and text. Your friends would be able to see it in FULL 3D at their own location.

• LIVE VIDEO EDITOR: Record a video and use our unique video effects to enhance your experience in real time.

• IMAGE EDITOR: Did you know that your photos can talk? Take a photo and add a 3D character, special sound effects and your own voice to generate a cool short video clip you can share with the world.

• REAL TIME TYPING: Hate waiting to see what (...) means when friends are typing a message? Skip the wait with Snaappy and see what your friends are typing, as they type, in REAL TIME!

• 3D CHARACTER MESSAGING: Go beyond regular emojis when expressing yourself with Snaappy animated characters, add a voice over when sending a character or let Snaappy’s algorithm predict the right character based on your personality.

• AR PERSONAL PROFILE: Store your videos, AR content and images in one place. Other Snaappy users can comment and “like” your content.

• SECURE MESSAGING: Use Snaappy disappearing messages keep your messages, pictures, videos and chat histories 100% safe and private.

• FREE AUDIO AND VIDEO CALLS: Talk or face time with your friends and family for free!

• GROUP CHAT: Start a group chat with people from anywhere in the world!

• CUSTOM CHATS: Customize each of your chats to make them reflect the personality of the people you’re talking to!

We always welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please email us at or follow us on instagram@snaappyworld.

About this version (1.5.853)

In this release we introduce a unique AR content creation format which is called "AR challenge". You can use it to create AR scenes, record AR videos and allow other users to easily join your challenge using just one button You can also start following other content creators and see their content in the new following tab

Other versions

1.5.824 released on 19 August 2021 (405 days ago)
1.5.819 released on 22 February 2021 (583 days ago)
1.5.796 released on 10 December 2020 (657 days ago)
1.5.788 released on 20 November 2020 (677 days ago)
1.5.764 released on 27 August 2020 (762 days ago)
1.5.733 released on 20 August 2020 (769 days ago)

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Snaappy - AR Social Network
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