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SMS Parking

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SMS Parking
SMS Parking SMS Parking SMS Parking SMS Parking SMS Parking SMS Parking SMS Parking SMS Parking SMS Parking SMS Parking SMS Parking SMS Parking

SMS Parking is an app that allows you to pay public parking easily with features like detecting your location and sending the appropriate short text message (SMS) to the corresponding service number.

Create a profile for each one of your cars and send parking messages with a single tap. Additionally, you can schedule sending a SMS at a specified time (up to 24h ahead).

Available parking zones are suggested automatically, based on your location. Parking position is detected and displayed on the map in the application along with the nearby parking zone bounds. ***†

More than 500 parking zones in over 100 cities across Europe and counting. Automatic parking service message recognition and zones with sessions (Start/Stop) are supported in selected cities. **

Your city is not available? Define your own custom parking zones, city and message format, or drop us a line and we will add it for you!

Select from which SIM card to send messages on dual SIM devices. The app will remember your preference for each one of your cars. (Dual-SIM support requires Android 5.1)

Select car profiles, send parking SMS messages, check confirmations and extend remaining time directly from your smartwatch ‡

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* Sending a SMS message charges user's mobile plan with the price of 1 hour parking (or other period, depending on the parking service terms) in the respective paid zone plus the price of the SMS message according to user's current mobile service payment plan.
** Available for selected cities only.
*** Currently supporting cities in Belarus (Minsk), Bosna and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia (Hrvatska), Czech Republic (Česko), Hungary (Magyarország), Macedonia (Македонија), Montenegro (Црна Гора/Crna Gora), Romania (România), Russia (Россия), Serbia (Србија/Srbija) and Slovakia (Slovensko).
† Requires GPS (fine) location to work properly.
‡ Requires Wear OS smartwatch.

About this version (5.2.11)

Parking zones information in selected cities: price, working hours, allowed time, contact phone.

Other versions

5.2.10 released on 01 July 2020 (350 days ago)
5.2.9 released on 19 June 2020 (362 days ago)

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SMS Parking
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