SmartGuide – Your Personal Travel Audio Guide

SmartGuide – Your Personal Travel Audio Guide

SmartGuide – Your Personal Travel Audio Guide
SmartGuide – Your Personal Travel Audio Guide SmartGuide – Your Personal Travel Audio Guide SmartGuide – Your Personal Travel Audio Guide SmartGuide – Your Personal Travel Audio Guide SmartGuide – Your Personal Travel Audio Guide SmartGuide – Your Personal Travel Audio Guide SmartGuide – Your Personal Travel Audio Guide

Smart Guide – Where All Journeys Begin
You Explore, We’ll Guide

SmartGuide is your personal tour guide to the world. Turn your phone into a personal audio tour guide to accompany you on your travel adventures.
Whether you are looking for a self-guided tour, audio traveler guide, city offline maps or you just want to know all the best sightseeing spots, fun activities, and authentic experiences for your travel destination, SmartGuide is the perfect choice for your travel guide needs.

This personal guide app offers travel guides for over 400 popular destinations around the world. Wherever your journey may take you, SmartGuide tours will meet you there!
You explore. We’ll guide.

Crowded tour groups from all around the world are a prime breeding ground for respiratory viruses and similar bugs. This is not a souvenir you want to bring from your trip. Our virtual tour guide recommends different places to each tourist based on their individual interests and guides you safely outside of the crowds. Stay safe with a self-guided tour.

The personal travel planner app is your audio guide to the world that lets you conveniently listen to a travel guide with interesting narratives from local guides that play automatically when you reach an interesting sight. Just let your phone talk to you and enjoy the scenery!

SmartGuide won’t let you get lost and you won't miss any must-see sights. City-guide app uses GPS navigation to guide you around the city at your convenience at your own pace, for free.
Gone are the days when you had to follow the crowd. Now you can use SmartGuide and travel whenever you want, however you want.
Sightseeing guide for the modern tripwolf on the hunt for undiscovered wonders of nature!

With extra local secrets, our guides provide you with inside information about the best spots off the beaten path. Escape the traps when you visit a city and immerse yourself in the culture trip. Get around like a local and discover the actual culture and heritage of any locality!

Download your city guide and get the offline maps and guide with our premium option so you have the freedom to roam and discover the world like the tripwolf that you are, without worrying one bit about finding an internet connection. Your travel guide will be available offline in the form of verbal instructions from natives and if you are someone that prefers reading over listening, the transcripts of the audio guides are also available.

Get the most out of your world travel experience by exploring with SmartGuide: Your Personal Travel Audio Guide!

About this version (2.0.4535)

Thanks for updating SmartGuide! What's new in this version: New Search tab - to make searching easier and to access QR scanner where available Various improvements & fixes - Not very noticeable but make the app more useful :) If you enjoy SmartGuide, please leave a nice review on the store.

Other versions

2.0.4529 released on 17 June 2021 (45 days ago)
2.0.4519 released on 01 June 2021 (61 days ago)
2.0.4500 released on 10 May 2021 (83 days ago)
2.0.4474 released on 21 April 2021 (102 days ago)
2.0.4464 released on 31 March 2021 (123 days ago)
2.0.4439 released on 19 March 2021 (135 days ago)
2.0.4414 released on 03 March 2021 (151 days ago)
2.0.4395 released on 17 February 2021 (165 days ago)
2.0.4356 released on 03 February 2021 (179 days ago)
2.0.4330 released on 20 January 2021 (193 days ago)
2.0.4311 released on 07 January 2021 (206 days ago)
2.0.4270 released on 17 December 2020 (227 days ago)
2.0.4243 released on 07 December 2020 (237 days ago)
2.0.4224 released on 25 November 2020 (249 days ago)
2.0.4192 released on 10 November 2020 (264 days ago)
2.0.4145 released on 27 October 2020 (278 days ago)
2.0.4102 released on 13 October 2020 (292 days ago)
2.0.4074 released on 05 October 2020 (300 days ago)
2.0.4057 released on 23 September 2020 (312 days ago)
2.0.4032 released on 09 September 2020 (326 days ago)
2.0.3993 released on 27 August 2020 (339 days ago)
2.0.3954 released on 12 August 2020 (354 days ago)
2.0.3933 released on 07 August 2020 (359 days ago)
2.0.3900 released on 27 July 2020 (370 days ago)
2.0.3897 released on 24 July 2020 (373 days ago)
2.0.3880 released on 17 July 2020 (380 days ago)
2.0.3842 released on 09 July 2020 (388 days ago)
2.0.3742 released on 24 June 2020 (403 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 64 MB
Version: 2.0.4535 by SmartGuide s.r.o.
Updated: 16 July 2021 (16 days ago)
Released: 12 November 2016
Installations: more than 100 000
SmartGuide – Your Personal Travel Audio Guide
5 Stars: 591
4 Stars: 29
3 Stars: 14
2 Stars: 14
1 Star: 80

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