Smart Voice Recorder

Smart Voice Recorder

Super Voice Recorder is high quality sound recorder that easily records audio

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Smart Voice Recorder
Smart Voice Recorder Smart Voice Recorder Smart Voice Recorder Smart Voice Recorder Smart Voice Recorder

One of the most handy features of any Android device is the ability to record yourself. There are plenty of reasons for wanting to do so as well. Musicians may want to record a new idea, journalists need to record interviews, and some even set it up to see if they talk in their sleep. The good news is that you don’t have to go and buy a voice recorder from someplace. Your smartphone is perfectly capable of handling it for you! Here are the best voice recorder app for Android!

Voice Recorder is an smart sound recording app designed for recording and saving high quality audio on Android mobile devices. With this sound recorder app, users can quickly record, save and play audio and voice notes in high quality over their smart phones.

You can use it as a regular dictaphone for record voice notes and memos, business meetings, interviews, lectures, speeches, concerts, sleep talking :) or anything else.
This audio recorder works well on smartphones and tablets, with and without external storage.

❄ Main Features ❄

βœͺ Recording with high quality.
βœͺ Automatic stop when out of memory
βœͺ Selectable audio source (microphones or phone call)
βœͺ Save/Pause/Resume/Cancel recording process control.
βœͺ Customizable recordings folder.
βœͺ HD Audio recording.
βœͺ Recording in background (even when display is off).
βœͺ Play, pause, stop audio file.
βœͺ Material Design
βœͺ Show/Hide notification when recording
βœͺ Sorting recordings by date, name, and duration (ascending or descending).
βœͺ Simple user interface, instant start.
βœͺ Support for stereo and mono recording.
βœͺ Adjustable sample rate from phone quality (8 kHz) up to CD quality (44 kHz)
βœͺ All the required functionality is in one screen and within the user's click
βœͺ Selectable audio source (microphone or camcoder).
βœͺ WAV encoding with adjustable sample rate (8-44 kHz).
βœͺ Easy to use recordings list.
βœͺ Rename and delete your recording right from the app
βœͺ Microphone gain calibration tool.
βœͺ Record by internal or external microphone.
βœͺ Share or delete recording after recorded.
βœͺ Support for stereo and mono recording
βœͺ Set recording as ringtone, alarm or notification sound
βœͺ Stop recording or playing when active cal
βœͺ Open with option allows you to play and edit sounds in other apps
βœͺ Saving sounds to android media library

Install this free voice and audio recorder app and never let a sound go out of your memories. You can utilize it for lecture recording, Meetings recording, Memo, voice notes, and much more.

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Smart Voice Recorder
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